source: git/dyn_modules/syzextra/ @ f0f0cea

Last change on this file since f0f0cea was e3f523, checked in by Oleksandr Motsak <motsak@…>, 10 years ago
Misc changes to BS and others fix: GMP-checking will looks at CPATH add: remarks due to C. Fieker
  • Property mode set to 100755
File size: 283 bytes
[e3f523]3#"$SINGULAR_EXECUTABLE" -teq "$srcdir/test_clear_enum.tst" || exit 1
4#"$SINGULAR_EXECUTABLE" -teq "$srcdir/ederc.tst" || exit 1
5#"$SINGULAR_EXECUTABLE" -teq "$srcdir/syzextra.tst" || exit 1
[30c2d4f]7"$SINGULAR_EXECUTABLE" -tec 'LIB "schreyer.lib"; /*testSimple(0);*/ $' || exit 1
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