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1Thu Nov  7 11:31:58 MET 2002  Hans Schoenemann <>
2interface to NTL (optional, recommended): tested with NTL 5.2, 5.3
3bug fixes for multivariate factorization
5Tue Apr 10 15:24:49 CEST 2001 Hans Schoenemann <>
6several small bugs fixed (mostly memory leaks)
7changed copyright to GPL
9Tue Oct 28 14:46:08 1997  Jens Schmidt  <>
11New features in Factory, version 1.3b:
13Distribution and organization level:
15o The new external variable `factoryConfiguration' describes the
16  configuration Factory has been translated with.
17o If configuring for cross compiling `configure' assumes that the target
18  machine has arithmetic shift.
19o Parts of Factory are written using `folding-mode' for GNU Emacs.  Since
20  this is a really useful feature `folding.el' has been added to the
21  distribution.
22o The new `make' target `installtest' in the top level `GNUmakefile' tests
23  whether the installation has been successful.
24o The new directory `examples/' contains some example applications for
25  Factory and a `GNUmakefile' to build them.
27Source code level:
29o The main interface to Factory, the class `CanonicalForm' has been (almost
30  completely) revised.  During this process, a number of smaller bugs has
31  been fixed (most of the bugs concerning some more or less exceptional
32  cases).  Furthermore, many of the methods became a little bit faster,
33  some of them became a lot faster (e.g., the evaluation-`operator() ()' uses
34  Horner's rule now, `degree( const & Variable )' and `deriv( const &
35  Variable)' do not use expensive calls to `swapvar()' any longer).
36o In the same way, I have begun to revise the gcd calculations, but there is
37  still is a lot of work to do.  As a first result, gcd calculations over Z
38  became faster (up to a factor of two for large examples).
40Other bug fixes:
41o A serious bug in `resultant()' has been fixed.
42o `gcd()' works correctly now for polynomials with rational coefficients.
43  However, `factorize()' still does not, and you have to multiply with the
44  common denominator before factorizing.
45o `psr( CF f, CF g, Var x )', `psq()', `psrq()' work correctly now if
46  degree(f) < degree(g).  However, they still do not work correctly if
47  either in divisor or dividend occur variables with level higher than
48  x's level.
49o A bug in `CanonicalForm::sqrt()' has been fixed which in some cases made
50  `factorize()' crash.
53o If CO has not a denominator `CanonicalForm::den()' returns now the unity
54  from the current domain, not the unity from the domain of CO.
55o `chineseRemainder()' works now for polynomials over Z instead for elements
56  of Z only.
57o `cden()' computes the common denominator with respect to algebraic
58  variables, too, so multiplying with `cden()' in any case results in an
59  object with integral coefficients
61New features:
62o The new function `subResChain()' returns the extended subresultant chain
63  of two polynomials.
64o The new function `replacevar()' replaces one variable with another.  In
65  contrast to `swapvar()', this works for algebraic variables, too.
66o The new function `size()' returns the number of monomials occuring in a
67  `CanonicalForm'.
68o The new method `CanonicalForm::Lc()' returns the leading coefficient of
69  CO, where elements from an algebraic extension are considered
70  coefficients, and not polynomials.
72Thu Jul 17 10:15:59 1997  Jens Schmidt  <>
74New features in Factory, version 1.3a:
76  Besides minor changes at "source code level" (bug fixes, new features)
77which are not really visible to the user in general there are quite a lot
78of changes at "organization level" (aka "preprocessor level") and at
79"distribution level" (`configure', `GNUmakefile').
82Source code level:
84o Serious bug in univariate factorization in characterstic 0 fixed (by
85  Ruediger Stobbe).
87o New gcd algorithm (sparse modular), not fully tested by now (contributed
88  by Marion Bruder).  Switch on with `SW_USE_SPARSEMOD'.
90o Various minor bug fixes.
93Organization level:
95o Factory translates now on Macintosh with Metroworks
96  CodeWarrior Academic Pro 11 (changes by Wilfred Pohl)
98o So called "new" memory manager (written by Ruediger Stobbe) added to
99  distribution.  So far no timigs available which memory manager is faster.
101o "ASSERT", "DEBOUT", "TIMING macros" streamlined
103o Factory's IO completely re-organized (that was a mess!).  It is now
104  possible to switch off everything which is related to stream IO (use
105  `--disbale-streamio' option to `configure').  This way it is possible to
106  link Factory without `libg++.a' or `libiostream.a'.  Changes include:
108  - everything related to stream IO wrapped by `#ifndef NOSTREAMIO'
109  - all error messages/debug output messages rewritten so that they use the
110    "ASSERT" and "DEBOUT macros"
111  - furthermore, it was necessary to change the way the GF(q) tables are
112    read.  As a consequence, the format of the GF(q) tables slightly
113    changed, too.  You have to generate/get them from net by new.
116Distribution level:
118o The organization of the distribution as well as the compile/install
119  procedure totally changed.  It is now more GNU-like.  See the `INSTALL'
120  file and the `README' file for more information.
122o The file names of the template sources changed.  To make them less
123  canonical, all names are prefixed with `ftmpl_' ("Factory template") now.
125o The installation target directories and their structure changed a little
126  bit.  See the `INSTALL' file for more information.
130Before May 3 1997  Jens Schmidt  <>
132New features in Factory, version 1.2c:
134  Version 1.2c is a more or less inofficial version distributed with
135Singular 1.0.  I hope it does not distribute too far...  The description of
136new features to version 1.3a cope the description of new features to this
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