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removal of the $Id$ svn tag from everywhere NOTE: the git SHA1 may be used instead (only on special places) NOTE: the libraries Singular/LIB/*.lib still contain the marker due to our current use of svn
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2// emacs edit mode for this file is -*- C++ -*-
[980552]6#include "version.h"
[d4c1d0]8const char * libfac_name = "Factorization and characteristic sets library";
[980552]9const char * libfac_version = LIBFAC_VERSION;
10const char * libfac_date = LIBFAC_DATE;
[d4c1d0]11const char * libfac_author = "M. Messollen";
[d92d71]14int    libfac_interruptflag = 0;
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