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1// Parallel abstract graph traverser. Contributed by Bjarne Knudsen.
3#ifndef __traverser_h__
4#define __traverser_h__
7  This file defines a Traverser interface. A Traverser can be used for
8  going through an underlying structure of states. At each state,
9  there is a number of next states. Moving the traverser to a next
10  state changes its internal state.
12  When constructing a Traverser, it should be in the start state
13  (i.e. it should have no previous states). The traversal is over when
14  there are no more next states.
16  The state space should be a directed acyclic graph, so several
17  previous states to a given state are allowed. There may be any
18  number of end points, but only one start point.
20  When traversing in a multi threaded fashion, each Traverser receives
21  some of the collected information. It is up to the user of this
22  interface to join that information when the traversal is done.
24namespace gfan{
26class Traverser
29        bool aborting;                                         // Added by Anders
30        void abort(){aborting=true;}        // Added by Anders
31        Traverser():aborting(false){}        // Added by Anders
32  // Virtual destructor
33  virtual ~Traverser( void ) {};
35  // Get the number of next states.
36  virtual int  getEdgeCountNext( void ) = 0;
38  // The return value is the index for moving to the same previous
39  // state again. The indexing of the previous state can be arbitrary,
40  // but zero should be one of the previous index values. The
41  // collect_info parameter will be true once for every edge in the
42  // state graph during the traversal. This allows te traverser to
43  // collect information along its edges.
44  virtual int  moveToNext( int   index,
45                           bool  collect_info ) = 0;
47  // Go back to a previous state. Due to the return value of
48  // moveToNext(), the state will be unchanged after calling
49  // movetoPrev(moveToNext(index)) with a legal next index.
50  virtual void  moveToPrev( int  index ) = 0;
52  // This function will be called once for every state in a traversal.
53  virtual void  collectInfo( void ) = 0;
55  // Function for printing the state to cout for debug purposes.
56  virtual void  printState( void ) = 0;
59// Traverse a structure in a single threaded way. The traverser should
60// be in the start state. The traverser may not be in the start state
61// when this function returns.
62void  traverse_simple( Traverser*  traverser );
64// Traverse a structure using several traversers in several
65// threads. The traversers should all be in the start state. Several
66// traversers may go through the same state, but collectInfo() is only
67// called once for each state. The traversers may not be in the start
68// state when this function returns.
69void  traverse_threaded( Traverser**  traverser,
70                         int          count,
71                         int          step_count );
74#endif // __traverser_h__
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