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Last change on this file since 210e07 was 210e07, checked in by Oleksandr Motsak <motsak@…>, 12 years ago
ADD: testing headers with "make test.o" FIX: cleaning up headers in kernel: TODO: kutil.h?! FIX: febase.h -> old.febase.h (remove later on) ADD: dummy headers instead of some splited or moved: febase.h, modulop.h (for later fixing) FIX: renamed various obsolette files into "old.*"
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1#ifndef fast_mult_header
2#define fast_mult_header
3#include <kernel/mod2.h>
4#include <polys/polys.h>
5poly unifastmult(poly f,poly g, ring r);
6poly multifastmult(poly f, poly g, ring r);
7int Mults();
8poly pFastPower(poly f, int n, ring r);
9poly pFastPowerMC(poly f, int n, ring r);
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