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1#ifndef GEN_MAPS_H
2#define GEN_MAPS_H
4*  Computer Algebra System SINGULAR     *
6/// polynomial map for ideals/module/matrix
7/// map_id: the ideal to map
8/// map_r: the base ring for map_id
9/// image_id: the image of the variables
10/// image_r: the base ring for image_id
11/// nMap: map for coefficients
12ideal maMapIdeal(const ideal map_id, const ring map_r,const ideal image_id, const ring image_r, const nMapFunc nMap);
14/// polynomial map for poly (vector)
15/// map_p: the poly (vector) to map
16/// map_r: the base ring for map_p
17/// image_id: the image of the variables
18/// image_r: the base ring for image_id
19/// nMap: map for coefficients
20poly maMapPoly(const poly map_p, const ring map_r,const ideal image_id, const ring image_r, const nMapFunc nMap);
22poly p_SubstPoly (poly p, int var, poly image, const ring preimage_r, const ring image_r, const nMapFunc nMap, matrix cache=NULL);
23ideal id_SubstPoly (ideal id, int var, poly image, const ring preimage_r, const ring image_r, const nMapFunc nMap);
25/// evaluate the polynomial p at the pt given by the array pt
26number maEvalAt(const poly p,const number* pt, const ring r);
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