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1#include "intvec.h"
2#include "int64vec.h"
4int tdeg(poly p);
5int getMaxTdeg(ideal I);
6int getMaxPosOfNthRow(intvec *v,int n);
7int64 getInvEps64(ideal G,intvec *targm,int pertdeg);
8int invEpsOk64(ideal I, intvec *targm, int pertdeg, int64 inveps64);
9intvec* getNthRow(intvec *v, int n); 
10int64vec* getNthRow64(intvec *v, int n); 
11//int64vec* gett64(int64vec* listw, int64vec* currw, int64vec* targw);
12void gett64(int64vec* listw, int64vec* currw, int64vec* targw, int64 &t1, int64 &t2);
13void nextt64(ideal G, int64vec* currw, int64vec* targw, int64 &t1, int64 &t2);
14int64vec* nextw64(int64vec* currw, int64vec* targw, int64 nexttvec0, int64 nexttvec1);
15int DIFFspy(ideal G);
16intvec* DIFF(ideal G);
17ideal init64(ideal G,int64vec* currw);
18BOOLEAN currwOnBorder64(ideal I, int64vec* currw64);
19void getTaun64(ideal G,intvec* targm,int pertdeg, int64vec** v64, int64 & i64);
20int64vec* getiv64(lists l);
21int64 getint64(lists l);
24//functions not originating from the oroginal SINGULAR implementation
25ideal idStd(ideal G);
26ideal idInterRed(ideal G);
27matrix matIdLift(ideal Gomega, ideal M);
28void rCopyAndChangeA(int64vec* w);
29ring rCopy0AndAddA(ring r, int64vec *wv64, BOOLEAN copy_qideal = TRUE,
30                   BOOLEAN copy_ordering = TRUE);
31int64vec* rGetGlobalOrderMatrix(ring r);
32int64vec* rGetGlobalOrderWeightVec(ring r);
33BOOLEAN noPolysWithMoreThanTwoTerms(ideal Gw);
34#define idealSize(I) IDELEMS(I)
35inline int ivSize(intvec* v){ return((v->rows())*(v->cols())); }
36inline int iv64Size(int64vec* v){ return((v->rows())*(v->cols())); }
37intvec* leadExp(poly p);
38int64vec* leadExp64(poly p);
39void setPosOfIM(intvec* im,int i,int j,int val);
40poly getNthPolyOfId(ideal I,int n);
41int gcd(int a, int b);
42int64 gcd64(int64 a, int64 b);
43inline int64 abs64(int64 i) { return ABS(i); }
44static inline long  scalarProduct(intvec* a, intvec* b);
45static inline int64  scalarProduct64(int64vec* a, int64vec* b);
46ideal sortRedSB(ideal G);
47intvec* int64VecToIntVec(int64vec* source);
48int64vec* rGetGlobalOrderWeightVec(ring r);
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