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[35aab3]1#ifndef FFIELDS_H
2#define FFIELDS_H
4*  Computer Algebra System SINGULAR     *
7* ABSTRACT: finite fields with a none-prime number of elements (via tables)
[7fee876]9#include <misc/auxiliary.h>
[7fee876]11struct n_Procs_s;
12typedef struct  n_Procs_s  *coeffs;
[7fee876]14//// Initialize r (n_GF)
15BOOLEAN nfInitChar(coeffs r, void*);
[7fee876]17/// Show the mininimal polynom....
18/// NOTE: this is used by char *  sleftv::String(void *d, BOOLEAN typed, int dim) (from Singular/
19/// TODO: rewrite this UGLYNESS!!!
[8c9912]20void    nfShowMipo(const coeffs r);
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