source: git @ 2656dc

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
debian 649c66   10 years hannes update version number for debian
desktop daa32a5   10 years Oleksandr Let _configure_ generate desctop/Singular*.desktop
doc 43a2d4e   9 years hannes fix: typo
dox 9ee586   9 years hannes chg: version test for flint 2.4
emacs 26899a   10 years Oleksandr Fix library categories fix: "System and Control theory" -> "System ...
factory 768faf   9 years martinlee84 fix: normalization for char sets
gfanlib 491e80   9 years hannes porting: RHE 5
IntegerProgramming 1c4822a   9 years Oleksandr Fix bugs due to clang warnings...
kernel 213596e   9 years hannes fix: bucket multiplication for domains
libpolys 1c5671   9 years hannes allow p_Mult_nn(p,0,r)
logo c4fa04   11 years mschulze new Singular logos * Singular text * Singular text and logo
m4 4e65f09   9 years fieker re-stablish the Order module. Containing also a 1st draft for lattices
modules 8cc501   13 years krueger Added files to compile with cmake. Still experimental. Might not work ...
old_modgen ec89bb4   10 years hannes chg: nNeg -> nInpNeg, also n_InpNeg, cfInpNeg
omalloc 9da0b0   9 years Oleksandr Fix omalloc
redhat 6c8ba3   10 years mschulze cleaned up debian/redhat files
resources efec0e   9 years Oleksandr Doxygen descriptions for directories
Singular 73f3ca7   9 years hannes chg: table interface for iiAddCproc: 1 arg
standalone.test e6f615   10 years max Get rid of empty mmInit() functions
templates 6ce030f   11 years Oleksandr removal of the $Id$ svn tag from everywhere NOTE: the git SHA1 may be ...
tests 7fe9e13   10 years Oleksandr Renamed NDEBUG -> SING_NDEBUG in order to avoid confusion with GCC macro
Tst 2656dc   9 years martinlee84 added test for charseries bug
xalloc fa3704   9 years hannes add: omalloc0 to xalloc
.gdbinit 587 bytes 21b9ef   11 years Oleksandr Added n_Print for printing numbers during debugging
.gitattributes 39 bytes 02893b2   10 years Oleksandr Updated the expected result of Manual/primeClosure (64 linux, with ...
.gitignore 1.9 KB 7e66d9   10 years Oleksandr Motsak <> Updateed doxygen settings and .gitignore
AUTHORS 0 bytes 8f4031   12 years mohamed.barakat added missing files: AUTHORS, ChangeLog, NEWS lost during last rebase 98 bytes cad9d1   9 years hannes porting: /bin/sh is standard, /bin/bash not
build_standards 2.4 KB cc336a   13 years mohamed.barakat THE BUILD STANDARDS, you missed the point to object
ChangeLog 0 bytes 8f4031   12 years mohamed.barakat added missing files: AUTHORS, ChangeLog, NEWS lost during last rebase 221 bytes bc03ea6   11 years mohamed.barakat added script (for Hans) 8.4 KB eb7c6b   9 years hannes changed test for pthread, avoiding a libtool/gcc bug
COPYING 5.4 KB 26a5c8   10 years Oleksandr Moved htmlhelp.* to Singular/ from kernel/ (may be used in some future)
DEPENDENCIES 214 bytes 044f7b   13 years hannes dependencies between subdirs
dir_structure 2.7 KB e09449   14 years hannes directory structure
doxy 1.8 KB 9de07dd   9 years Oleksandr Doxy creates no random directory NOTE: doxy will clean the output ... 94 bytes 4df5bd   12 years Oleksandr ADD: one can use autoreconf, for instance as via for ...
git-version-gen 508 bytes 2e4ee2b   10 years Oleksandr Minor improvement to git-version-gen
GPL2 17.6 KB ab53b7   16 years hannes *hannes: licence git-svn-id: ...
GPL3 34.3 KB ab53b7   16 years hannes *hannes: licence git-svn-id: ...
Hans 2010-10-06.jpg 79.8 KB 2e3790   13 years mohamed.barakat - added picture
HOWTO-libsingular 2.9 KB d9dfce   10 years hannes refrence to modules.pdf 4.0 KB e345a3   10 years Oleksandr Update for dependency diagram 1.6 KB bf701ae   9 years max libpolys -> libsingular in
main.dox 4.3 KB 62a54b   9 years Oleksandr Better doxygen docu. for the introduction 682 bytes dcf46c   9 years Oleksandr Fixed the deps. between doxy pages
NEWS 0 bytes 8f4031   12 years mohamed.barakat added missing files: AUTHORS, ChangeLog, NEWS lost during last rebase
packages 854 bytes ff9d58   13 years mohamed.barakat added a file explaining the future package structure 836 bytes e3a054   9 years Oleksandr Initial addition of some Wiki materials to Sources in markdown form ... 1.6 KB 2c889f   11 years Oleksandr Code update corresponding to renaming findexec into resources 401 bytes 37e66f   10 years Oleksandr Better approach to configuring multiple packages: ... 499 bytes 9ead31   24 years obachman * chcek for ptograms git-svn-id: ...
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