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IntegerProgramming b0700f   2 months chapoton fix utf8 encoding and typos in IntegerProgramming (#1194)
desktop eb2441   8 years hannes desktop files: syntax (see tr. #757)
doc 9bfa4d   10 days hannes bigntvec - intvec use (stdhilb, eliminate)
dox 182ac7   3 years hannes moved -> ind2, ind_fact_2, removed VANIDEAL RING2TOM
emacs 4727f1   4 weeks hannes emacs: remove locnormal.lib, modnormal.lib
kernel d1b01e9   41 hours hannes opt: interred
libpolys f2c4eb5   2 weeks hannes opt: p_Div_nn
m4 3c6f0f   13 months hannes fix: search gmp,flint at default locations
omalloc 47e3df   8 months hannes fix: test for addr2line in omalloc/
ppcc 668a9f   22 months hannes fix: siInit: compiler warning
redhat 269565   11 months hannes fix: rpm builds
resources de205cd   10 months hannes 4-3-2
Singular b2dde6   41 hours hannes bigintvec: hilb
standalone.test a507140   4 years hannes opt: nCoeffWrite/nCoeffString via nCoeffName
templates 0f9b03   12 months hannes fix: syzextra
tests 1d8d0e   5 years hannes make iiS2I a static routine
Tst 2fa36c   9 days hannes itests for bigintvec/intvec stuff
factory 6e12f98   11 days loganjerry Remove extra delete statement in gaussianElimFq (#1201)
gfanlib 799929   3 weeks loganjerry Fix a sequence point error in gfanlib (#1200)
logo c4fa04   11 years mschulze new Singular logos * Singular text * Singular text and logo
.github 94fae8   2 months mkoeppe .github/workflows/ci-sage.yml: Update, use reusable workflows (#1188) ...
misc ef0a94   5 years behrends Final ppcc fixes (part 2).
.codespell_ignore 154 bytes 32c4829   13 months chapoton final typos removed in kernel/
.gdbinit 693 bytes d0bdb6   9 years hannes format
.gitattributes 59 bytes 4c08ef   2 years hannes update
.gitignore 2.2 KB 4c08ef   2 years hannes update 11.8 KB dbcb4e   8 months hannes fix: set htmldir
COPYING 5.5 KB ede789c   10 months hannes update COPYING
doxy 1.8 KB 75f460   9 years hannes format 1.6 KB 244674   2 years hannes more NTL_CPPFLAGS: modulop.h includes NTL/config.h
main.dox 4.2 KB 4bde6b   4 years hannes spelling p1 1.8 KB 9ed0ec   6 weeks hannes Release-4-3-2p10 1.2 KB d1ec153   6 months hannes fix uninstall 1.0 KB 88bae5   9 months hannes doc: fix URL
README.pSingular 161 bytes 844f30   23 months hannes update README.pSingular 399 bytes 75f460   9 years hannes format
GPL2 17.6 KB ab53b7   16 years hannes *hannes: licence git-svn-id: ...
GPL3 34.3 KB ab53b7   16 years hannes *hannes: licence git-svn-id: ...
README.pkg 917 bytes 741a18   17 months quatermaster update Debian material in README.pkg Description: upstream update: ... 447 bytes 19763ff   3 years max Add basic GitHub Actions CI tests
README 841 bytes e62365   4 years max Update some links

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git d1b01e9   41 hours hannes opt: interred
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