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fix: more changes for Singular 4 (add schreyer.lib, fix syntax etc)
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  • doc/NEWS.texi

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    2222@heading News for version @value{VERSION}
    24 @heading User defined types
    25 New types can be defined, see @nref{User defined types}.
     24The version 4-0-0 is the first in the new
     25release series version 4-0.
    27 @heading Handling objects from @code{python}
    28 (Experimental) The new data type @code{pyobject} allows to access some
    29 @code{python} funtionality within @sc{Singular}, see @nref{pyobject}.
    31 Currently, it is only available for those who build Singular from the sources:
    32 Please activate it by typing @code{./configure --with-python}
    33 See @code{./configure --help} for details.
    35 @heading New @sc{Singular} functions
    36 @itemize @bullet
    37 @item
    38 new command: @code{factmodd} (see @nref{factmodd})
    39 @item
    40 new command: @code{waitall} (see @nref{waitall})
    41 @item
    42 new command: @code{waitfirst} (see @nref{waitfirst})
    43 @end itemize
    45 @heading New @sc{Singular} libraries
    46 @itemize @bullet
    47 @item
    48 new library: cisimplicial.lib (see @nref{cisimplicial_lib}: Is the toric ideal of
    49 a simplicial toric variety a complete intersection?) - extends and susbtitute cimonom.lib
    50 @item
    51 new library: grobcov.lib (see @nref{grobcov_lib}: Groebner Cover for parametric ideals, extends and susbtitutes redcgs.lib
    52 @item
    53 renamed @code{resbin.lib} to @code{resbinomial.lib}, see @nref{resbinomial_lib}.
    54 @end itemize
    56 @heading --------------------------------------------------------------------
    57 @heading Older versions:
    58 @heading News for version 3-1-2
    60 This version starts some reorganization: a section for new libraries:
    61 (see @nref{Experimental libraries}), preparations for parallel computations
    62 (see @nref{modstd_lib}, @nref{Ssi links}), some linear algebra (see below),
    63 many new libaries,
    64 many bug fixes etc.
    65 (especially factorization stuff and memory management).
    67 @heading New @sc{Singular} functions
    68 @itemize @bullet
    69 @item
    70 new command: @code{datetime} (see @nref{datetime})
    71 @item
    72 new command: @code{ludecomp} (see @nref{ludecomp})
    73 @item
    74 new command: @code{luinverse} (see @nref{luinverse})
    75 @item
    76 new command: @code{lusolve} (see @nref{lusolve})
    77 @item
    78 new command: @code{primefactors} (see @nref{primefactors})
    79 @item
    80 new command: @code{rank} (see @nref{rank})
    81 @end itemize
    83 @heading New @sc{Singular} link types
    84 @itemize @bullet
    85 @item
    86 @code{ssi}: experimental Singular-Singular interface (see @nref{Ssi links})
    87 @item
    88 @code{pipe}: string based interface to any program (see @nref{Pipe links})
    89 @end itemize
    91 @heading New @sc{Singular} libraries
    92 @itemize @bullet
    93 @item
    94 new library: finitediff.lib (see @nref{finitediff_lib}:  finite difference schemes for
    95 linear differential equations)
    96 @item
    97 new library: fpadim.lib (see @nref{fpadim_lib}:  Algorithms for quotient algebras in the letterplace case)
    98 @item
    99 new library: integralbasis.lib (see @nref{integralbasis_lib}: Integral basis in algebraic function fields)
    100 @item
    101 new library: monomialideal.lib (see @nref{monomialideal_lib}: operation for monomial ideals)
    102 @item
    103 new library: multigrading.lib (see @nref{multigrading_lib}: multigradings and related computations)
    104 @item
    105 new library: ncfactor.lib (see @nref{ncfactor_lib}:Tools for factorization in some noncommutative algebras)
    106 @item
    107 new library: paraplanecurves.lib (see @nref{paraplanecurves_lib}: Rational parametrization of rational plane curves)
    108 @item
    109 new library: primdecint.lib (see @nref{primdecint_lib}: primary decomposition over the integers)
    110 @item
    111 new library: resbinomial.lib (see @nref{resbinomial_lib}: resolution of singularities of binomial ideals
    112 @item
    113 new library: resjung.lib (see @nref{resjung_lib}: resolution of surface singularities by Jung's Algorithm
    114 @item
    115 new library: surfacesignature.lib (see @nref{surfacesignature_lib}: signature of irreducible surface singularities
    116 @end itemize
    118 @heading Changed @sc{Singular} libraries
    119 @itemize @bullet
    120 @item
    121 changed library: dmodapp.lib (see @nref{dmodapp_lib}: Applications of algebraic D-modules
    122 @item
    123 changed library: dmodvar.lib (see @nref{dmodvar_lib}: algebraic D-modules for varieties
    124 @item
    125 extended library: modstd.lib (see @nref{modstd_lib}: Groebner basis via modular methods
    126 @item
    127 extended library: normal.lib (see @nref{normal_lib}:Normalization of Affine Rings)
    128 @item
    129 rewritten library: sagbi.lib (see @nref{sagbi_lib}: subalgebra bases analogous to Groebner bases for ideals)
    130 @end itemize
    132 @heading Internal Changes
    133 @itemize @bullet
    134 @item
    135 new gcd code
    136 @item
    137 new factorization code
    138 @end itemize
    140 @heading News for version 3-1-1
    142 @itemize @bullet
    143 @item
    144 new option @code{qringNF}, see @nref{option}.
    145 @item
    146 new system command @code{system("cpu")}, see @nref{system}.
    147 @end itemize
    149 @heading New @sc{Singular} functions
    150 @itemize @bullet
    151 @item
    152 new command: @code{farey}: lifting to Q  (see @nref{farey})
    153 @item
    154 new command: @code{monomial} (see @nref{monomial})
    155 @item
    156 command extended: @code{liftstd} also computes syzygies.  (see @nref{liftstd})
    157 @item
    158 command extended: @code{minor} has more options.  (see @nref{minor})
    159 @item
    160 command extended: @code{opposite} (see @nref{opposite})
    161 @end itemize
    163 @heading Internal Changes
    164 @itemize @bullet
    165 @item
    166 new minor code
    167 @item
    168 removed @code{EXTGCD} (use @code{extgcd})
    169 @item
    170 moved mp_set_memory_functions-call from kernel/ to
    171   (in order not to call it for libsingular)
    172 @end itemize
    174 @heading New @sc{Singular} libraries
    175 @itemize @bullet
    176 @item
    177 new library: normaliz.lib (see @nref{normaliz_lib}: Interface to Normaliz 2.2)
    178 @c @item
    179 @c new library: binresol.lib (see @nref{binresol_lib}: binomial ideals)
    180 @c @item
    181 @c new library: finitediff.lib (see @nref{finitediff_lib}: finite difference schemes)
    182 @end itemize
    184 @heading Changed @sc{Singular} libraries
    185 @itemize
    186 @item
    187 homolog.lib (@nref{homolog_lib}): canonMap
    188 @item
    189 dmod.lib (@nref{dmod_lib}): operatorModulo
    190 @end itemize
    192 @heading News for version 3-1-0
    194 @itemize @bullet
    195 @item
    196 new coefficients: Z, Z/m, Z/(2^n) (see @nref{Rings and orderings})
    197 @item
    198 new handling of the default argument in libraries (see @nref{Parameter list})
    199 @item
    200 @code{ESingular} updated for emacs 22
    201 @item
    202 licences for all parts of @sc{Singular} clarified (see @nref{Preface})
    203 @end itemize
    205 @heading New @sc{Singular} functions
    206 @itemize @bullet
    207 @item
    208 new command: kernel (see @nref{kernel})
    209 @item
    210 new command: sqrfree (see @nref{sqrfree})
    211 @item
    212 command changed: the first argument to @code{monitor} should be an ASCII link.
    213 (see @nref{monitor})
    214 @item
    215 command extended: eliminate: variables to eliminate may also be given as intvec.
    216 (see @nref{eliminate})
    217 @end itemize
    219 @heading Internal Changes
    220 @itemize @bullet
    221 @item
    222 handling of large input for std improved
    223 @item
    224 @nref{interred} implemented in a different way
    225 @item
    226 @nref{kbase} honors the attribute "isHomog"
    227 @item
    228 @nref{jacob} accepts modules and matrices
    230 @item
    231 @nref{gcd} over algebraic extensions of the rationals implemented in a different way
    232 @item new build target: libsingular.a (for gfan etc.)
    233 @item code variants now depend on CPU type, not OS
    234 @item better test for built-in limits (see @nref{Limitations})
    235 @item
    236 operator @code{new(size_t,const std::nothrow_t&)} now also overloaded
    237 @end itemize
    239 @heading New @sc{Singular} libraries
    240 @itemize @bullet
    241 @item
    242 surfex: new version 0.90 (see @nref{surfex_lib}).
    243 @item
    244 new library: redcgs.lib (see @code{redcgs_lib}: Reduced Comprehensive Groebner Systems)
    245 @item
    246 new library: tropical.lib (see @nref{tropical_lib}: Computations in Tropical Geometry)
    247 @item
    248 new library: oldpolymake.lib (see @nref{oldpolymake_lib}:
    249 Computations with polytopes and fans, interface to polymake and TOPCOM)
    250 @item
    251 new library: sing4ti2.lib (see @nref{sing4ti2_lib}:
    252 interface to 4ti2
    253 @item
    254 new library: decodegb.lib (see @nref{decodegb_lib}: Generating and solving systems of polynomial equations for decoding and finding the minimum distance of linear codes)
    255 @item
    256 new library: dmodapp.lib (see @nref{dmodapp_lib}: applications of D-modules)
    257 @item
    258 new library: bfun.lib global (see @nref{bfun_lib}: Bernstein-Sato polynomial)
    259 @item
    260 new library: freegb.lib (see @nref{freegb_lib}): Twosided Non-commutative Groebner bases in Free Algebras
    261 @item
    262 new library: jacobson.lib (see @nref{jacobson_lib}): Algorithms for Smith and Jacobson Normal Form
    263 @item
    264 contributed library: cimonom.lib (see cimonom_lib): determines if the toric ideal of an affine monomial curve is a complete intersection
    265 @item
    266 contributed library: phindex.lib (see @nref{phindex_lib}): Poincare-Hopf index of a real analytic vector field
    267 @end itemize
    269 @heading Changed @sc{Singular} libraries
    270 @itemize
    271 @item
    272 normal.lib (@nref{normal_lib}): changed structure of the result,
    273 @* new algorithms have been implemented which improve the performance
    274 @item
    275 elim.lib (@nref{elim_lib}): @nref{elim}, @nref{nselect}, @nref{select}, @nref{select1}: changed syntax
    276 @item
    277 homolog.lib: kernel renamed to @nref{hom_kernel}.
    278 @*(See also @nref{kernel}, @nref{alg_kernel}).
    279 @item
    280 matrix.lib (@nref{matrix_lib}): new commands for computing symmetric/exterior powers/bases
    281 @item
    282 surf.lib: new command @code{surfer}: interface to program @code{surfer}
    283 @*(See @nref{surf_lib}).
    284 @item
    285 teachstd.lib (@nref{teachstd_lib}): spoly works now in non-commutative algebras and @nref{standard} can thus be used there.
    286 However, since product criterion is a priori not applicable in the non-commutative case,
    287 one may want to disable it first (see @code{prodcrit} for details).
    288 @item
    289 many changes of names in libraries (to have a more consistent naming scheme)
    290 @end itemize
    292 @heading News for version 3-0-4
    294 @itemize @bullet
    295 @item
    296 licence changed: due to the need to use stuff under (L)GPL3,
    297 all parts of @sc{Singular} are licenced under GPL (resp. LGPL) version 2, or (at your option) version 3
    298 @item
    299 new command: (@nref{univariate}): test polynomials for being univariate.
    300 @item
    301 new command: (@nref{variables}): ideal of all variables occurring in a polynomial, ideal or matrix.
    302 @item
    303 syntax change: @nref{ncalgebra} should be substituted by @nref{nc_algebra}.
    304 @code{ncalgebra} is now depreciated, but still supported
    305 @item
    306 library @nref{nctools_lib} updated to use @code{nc_algebra},@*
    307 @nref{Weyl}, @nref{Exterior}, @nref{findimAlgebra} do not change the current ring
    308 but return the new structure
    309 @item
    310 kernel: use Conway polynomials and support more finite fields
    311 @end itemize
    313 @heading News in version 3-0-3
    315 The version 3-0-3 is stabilizing release,
    316 a result of a long beta test and the integration of a lot of small
    317 fixes which were on our waiting list for integration.
    319 It contains also  a lot of new features:
    320 @itemize @bullet
    321 @item
    322 licence changed: omalloc and MP are now (also) available under GPL;
    323 that means that all parts of @sc{Singular} are licenced under GPL (resp. LGPL).
    324 @item
    325 factory, libfac, @sc{Singular} updated for gcc 4.1.x
    326 @item
    327 kernel updated for the optional use of boost.
    328 @item
    329 can now be built as a library.
    330 @item
    331 new operator @code{a:b} gives an @code{intvec} of length @code{b} with constant entries @code{a}
    332 @item
    333 new command: (@nref{chinrem}): lifting via chinese remainder theorem
    334 @item
    335 new command: (@nref{interpolation}): ideal of points with given multiplicities
    336 @item
    337 non-commutative kernel subsystem was rewritten in order to support specific algebras more efficiently.
    338 Implemented algebras at the moment: super-commutative algebras (in particular exterior algebras).
    339 @item
    340 @nref{std} et al.: new selection strategy for reductions (@nref{option} (length)).
    341 @item
    342 @nref{reduce}: new strategy for selection and normalization.
    343 @item
    344 @nref{simplify} slightly changed: does not omit zero polynomial unless
    345 specified.
    346 @item
    347 new library: compregb.lib (@nref{compregb_lib}): comprehensive Groebner base system
    348 @item
    349 new library: kskernel.lib (@nref{kskernel_lib}): kernel of the kodaira-spencer map for irreducible plane curve singularities
    350 @item
    351 new library: modstd.lib (@nref{modstd_lib}): Groebner base computations
    352 over the rational numbers via modular computations
    353 @item
    354 new library: noether.lib (@nref{noether_lib}): Noether normalization of an ideal(not nessecary homogeneous)
    355 @item
    356 new library: atkins.lib (@nref{atkins_lib}): the elliptic curve primality test of Atkin
    357 @item
    358 new library: aksaka.lib (@nref{aksaka_lib}): primality testing after Agrawal, Saxena, Kayal
    359 @item
    360 new library: arcpoint.lib (@nref{arcpoint_lib}): truncations of arcs at a singular point
    361 @item
    362 new library: resgraph.lib (@nref{resgraph_lib}): visualization of resolution data.
    363 @item
    364 new library: realrad.lib (@nref{realrad_lib}): computation of the real radical
    365 over the rational numbers and extensions thereof
    366 @item
    367 new library: hyperel.lib (@nref{hyperel_lib}): divisors in the jacobian of hyperelliptic curves
    368 @item
    369 new library: curvepar.lib (@nref{curvepar_lib}): space curves
    370 @item
    371 new library: sagbi.lib (@nref{sagbi_lib}): subalgebras bases analogous to Groebner bases for ideals
    372 @item
    373 new library: surfex.lib (@nref{surfex_lib}): visualizing and rotating surfaces
    374 @item
    375 new library: cimonom.lib (cimonom_lib): determines if the toric ideal of an affine monomial curve is a complete intersection.
    376 @item
    377 @nref{sheafcoh_lib}: new experimental functions, in particular @nref{sheafCohBGG2}
    378 @item
    379 library @code{ncall.lib} merged into @nref{all_lib}
    380 @item
    381 library center.lib (@code{center_lib}) renamed to @code{central.lib} (@nref{central_lib})
    382 @item
    383 @nref{nctools_lib}: new functions for super-commutative algebras (i.e. @nref{superCommutative}, @nref{IsSCA}, @nref{AltVarStart}, @nref{AltVarEnd})
    384 @item
    385 resolve.lib: blow ups revised (@nref{resolve_lib})
    386 @item
    387 new algorithms in primdec.lib (@nref{primdec_lib}): radical et al.
    388 @item
    389 improved version of @nref{slimgb}, incorporated into @nref{groebner},
    390 strategy change in groebner
    391 @item
    392 finvar.lib: the algorithm of @nref{secondary_char0} is now used in general in the
    393 non-modular case (@nref{finvar_lib})
    394 @item
    395 finvar.lib: new algorithm for @nref{irred_secondary_char0} (@nref{finvar_lib})
    396 @item
    397 finvar.lib: new function @nref{irred_secondary_no_molien} (@nref{finvar_lib})
    398 @item
    399 finvar.lib: new functions for computing minimal generating sets of
    400 invariant rings of finite groups in the non-modular case: @nref{invariant_algebra_reynolds} for finite
    401 matrix groups and @nref{invariant_algebra_perm} for permutation groups (@nref{finvar_lib})
    402 @item
    403 operation for sparse matrices improved: multiplication, prune, conversion to module
    404 @c @item
    405 @c experimental: @code{python} / @code{ipython} interface
    406 @end itemize
    408 @heading News in version 3-0-2
    410 The version 3-0-2 is mainly a bug fix release,
    411 but it contains also some new features:
    412 @itemize @bullet
    413 @item
    414 factory, libfac updated for gcc 4.1.x
    415 @item
    416 configure/speed improved for 64bit architectures
    417 @item
    418 new library: dmod.lib (@nref{dmod_lib})
    419 @item
    420 new library: perron.lib (@nref{perron_lib})
    421 @item
    422 improved center.lib: revised implementation, new functions (sa_reduce etc.)
    423 @item
    424 revised ncalg.lib (@nref{ncalg_lib}): new algebras, U(sl_n) and U(g_2) changed to conform GAP.
    425 @item
    426 new algorithms in primdec.lib (@nref{primdec_lib}): radical et al.
    427 @item
    428 improved version of @nref{slimgb}, incorporated into @nref{groebner}
    429 @item
    430 finvar.lib: new algorithm for @nref{secondary_char0}, which is a drastic improvement
    431 (@nref{finvar_lib}).
    432 @item
    433 finvar.lib: new function @nref{irred_secondary_char0} (@nref{finvar_lib}).
    434 @item
    435 finvar.lib: new function @nref{rel_orbit_variety}, complementing @nref{relative_orbit_variety}
    436 (@nref{finvar_lib}).
    437 @item
    438 improved module generator (@code{modgen})
    439 @item
    440 experimental: new type @nref{bigint}
    441 @c @item
    442 @c experimental: @code{python} / @code{ipython} interface
    443 @item
    444 more architectures: Solaris on x86/opteron, ...
    445 @item
    446 build process improved: builds automatically without patches on 64bit architectures
    447 @end itemize
    449 @heading NEWS in version 3-0-1
    450 The version  3-0-1 is mainly a bug fix release,
    451 but it contains also some new features:
    452 @itemize @bullet
    453 @item
    454 NTL upgraded to version 5.4
    455 @item
    456 new library: absfact.lib @nref{absfact_lib}
    457 @item
    458 new procedures in primdec.lib: @nref{absPrimdecGTZ}
    459 @item
    460 new procedures in standard.lib: @nref{weightKB}
    461 @item
    462 build process improved: new make target @code{install_all}
    463 @item
    464 improved version of @nref{slimgb}, incorporated into @nref{groebner}
    465 @item
    466 arithmetic in Z/pZ for architecture x84_64 improved (by 25 %)
    467 @end itemize
    469 @heading NEWS in version 3-0-0
    471 The version 3-0-0 is the first in the new
    472 release series version 3-0.
    474 @sc{Singular} version 3 has a greater functionality and an improved architecture.
     27@sc{Singular} version 4 has a greater functionality and an improved architecture.
    47528Major new features are:
    48235name spaces (@nref{package})
    483 @item
    484 easy manipulation of rings (@nref{ringlist})
    485 @item
    486 improved speed of maps (@nref{subst}, @nref{map})
    487 @item
    488 a new algorithm for Groebner base computations: @nref{slimgb}.
    489 @item
    490 improved factorization (integration of NTL, factorization over algebraic extensions,
    491 zeroset.lib)
    492 @item
    493 improved gcd of polynomials (including bug fixes)
    494 @item
    495 ports to more architectures including automatic building from source (fink on Mac, ebuild on Gentoo)
    496 @item
    497 more help browsers supported, user extendable (help.cnf)
    498 @item
    499 better support of graded modules
    500 @item
    501 many bugs fixed
    50236@end itemize
    503 Besides theses internal changes, @sc{Singular} version 3 offers many new
     37Besides theses internal changes, @sc{Singular} version 4 offers many new
    50438features and functionalities (which were partly already incorporated in
    505 the 2-1 pre-release series).
    507 @heading Factorizing algorithms revisited (3-0-0)
    508 Starting with version 2-0-4, we use NTL (of Victor Shoup) for factoring
    509 univariate polynomials. The multivariate factorization code in libfac/factory
    510 now also works over algebraic field extension.
    512 @heading New @sc{Singular} libraries (3-0-0)
    514 @table @asis
    515 @item @nref{control_lib}
    516 algebraic analysis tools for System and Control Theory
    517 @item @nref{mregular_lib}
    518 procedures for computing the Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity
    519 @item @nref{mprimdec_lib}
    520 procedures for primary decomposition of modules
    521 @item @nref{gmspoly_lib}, @nref{gmssing_lib}
    522 procedures for the Gauss-Manin connection of a singularity
    523 @item @nref{resolve_lib}, @nref{reszeta_lib}
    524 resolution of singularities and applications
    525 @item @nref{rootsmr_lib}
    526 counting the number of real roots
    527 @item @nref{sheafcoh_lib}
    528 computing cohomology of sheaves and Tate resolution
    529 @item @nref{signcond_lib}
    530 computing realizable sign conditions
    531 @item @nref{rootsur_lib}
    532 counting number of real roots of univariate polynomial
    533 @item @nref{grwalk_lib}
    534 Groebner and Pertubation walk
    535 @end table
    537 @heading Changes in @sc{Singular} libraries (3-0-0)
    538 Many procedures were moved into different libraries,
    539 the documentation of libraries was generally improved.
    541 All procedures which used to change the current ring return now
    542 the newly created ring.
    543 @table @asis
    544 @end table
    546 @heading New @sc{Singular} functions (3-0-0)
    548 @table @asis
    549 @item @nref{ringlist}
    550 manipulation of rings
    551 @item @nref{slimgb}
    552 a new algorithm to compute Groebner bases
    553 @item @nref{exportto}
    554 transfer an identifier to the specified package
    555 @item @nref{importfrom}
    556 generate a copy of an identifier from the specified package in the current package
    557 @item @nref{frwalk}
    558 fractal walk to change monomial orderings
    559 @end table
    561 @heading @sc{Singular} functions whose syntax/semantics has changed (3-0-0)
    562 @table @asis
    563 @item @nref{degree}
    564 outputs degree and dimension instead of returning an int
    565 @item @nref{attrib}
    566 new attribute: @code{rowShift}
    567 @end table
    569 @heading Non-commutative Extension @sc{Plural} (3-0-0)
    571 Starting with version 3-0-0, @sc{Singular} features the
    572 non-commutative extension @sc{Plural}. It allows to
    573 set and to compute within non-commutative algebras
    574  with PBW basis. Among available algorithms are Groebner
    575 bases for left modules, syzygies and resolutions.
    577 The following libraries come together with @sc{Plural}:
    579 @table @asis
    580 @item @code{center.lib}
    581 computes generators of the center and centralizer subalgebras up
    582 to a given degree resp. up to a given number of generators
    583 @item @nref{involut_lib}
    584 determines linear antiautomorphisms (involutions) and automorphisms
    585 @item @nref{gkdim_lib}
    586 computes a Gel'fand-Kirillov dimension for modules
    587 @item @nref{ncalg_lib}
    588 includes ready-to-use funtions for defining many important
    589  non-commutative algebras
    590 @item @nref{ncdecomp_lib}
    591 computes a decomposition of a module by its central characters
    592 @item @nref{ncalg_lib}, @nref{nctools_lib}
    593 contain numerous useful tools for non-commutative algebras
    594 @item @nref{qmatrix_lib}
    595 procedures, related to quantum matrices and minors
    596 @end table
    598 @heading Internal Changes (3-0-0)
    599 @table @asis
    600 @item new mapping code
    601 @c @item non-commutative extension (Plural)
    602 @item factory revised
    603 (gcd, factorizing polynomial over algebraic extension fields,...)
    604 @end table
     39the 3-1-6 pre-release series).
    60641@heading Porting
    60843@itemize @bullet
    60944@item @sc{Singular} is available for ix86-Linux,
    610 SunOS-5, IRIX-6, ix86-Win (runs on Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/XP/Vista),
     45SunOS-5, ix86-Win (runs on Windows),
    61146FreeBSD, Mac OS X, x86_64-Linux (AMD64/Opteron/EM64T),
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