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    11@comment -*-texinfo-*-
    2 @comment $Id: NEWS.texi,v 1.29 2001-02-02 17:53:45 Singular Exp $
     2@comment $Id: NEWS.texi,v 1.30 2001-02-23 17:37:29 obachman Exp $
    33@comment this file contains the News about Singular versions
    44@comment Unix
    2323The current version @value{VERSION} is the first release of the new
    24 release series version 2-0.
    25 It contains a lot of new internal improvements, rewrites, new procedures etc.
    27 Although there are no known bugs, it is to be
    28 expected that the current version @value{VERSION} has some bugs in the
    29 code sections, since major changes were done to the @sc{Singular}
    30 kernel. Therefore, it is important to us, that users try out this new
    31 version.
    33 The current version is generally much faster as version
    34 1.2 - because of new, better algorithms and impproved
    35 polynomial operations.
    37 Thank you very much for your support!
     24release series version 2-0. Its is a major upgrade from both, the 1-2 and
     251-3 release serieses.
     27Singular version 2 is generally much faster than any previous
     28version of Singular, due to a rewrite of major parts of the Singular
     29kernel (e.g., the kernel has a new memory manager and a new polynomial
     30arithmetic) and due to new and better implemented algorithms (e.g., for
     31comuting resolutions and determinants).
     33Besides theses internal changes, Singular version 2 offers many new
     34features and functionlities (which were partly already incorporated in
     35the 1-3 series). E.g., a native Windows distribution, an Emacs user
     36interface, a new help system, 16  new libraries, etc.
     38All these changes are explained in more detail below.
     40@heading Efficiency Improvements
     41The following table shows some timings which compare the efficincy of
     42Singular version 1-2-3 and Singular version 2. All times are in seconds
     43and were obtained on an AMD Athlon with 700 MHz, 128 MB RAM, running
     46@multitable @columnfractions .15 .15 .25 .15 .15 .15
     47@item @strong{Example} @tab @strong{Comp} @tab @strong{Ring} @tab @strong{1-2} @tab @strong{2-0} @tab @strong{Speedup}
     48@item @uref{,,mora_1} @tab std  @tab 32003,x(1..3),ds @tab 82 @tab 9.4 @tab 8.7
     49@item @uref{,,mora_9} @tab std  @tab 32003,x(1..14),ds @tab 9600 @tab 96 @tab 100
     50@item @uref{,,homog_gonnet} @tab std  @tab 32003,x(1..18),dp @tab 33 @tab 8.9 @tab 4.5
     51@item @uref{,,homog_cyclic_8} @tab std  @tab 32003,x(1..9),dp @tab 1873 @tab 472 @tab 4.0
     52@item  @uref{,,cyclic_8} @tab std @tab 32003,x(1..8),dp @tab >47800 @tab 478 @tab >100
     53@end multitable
    4258@item @strong{Windows distribution}
    4359created with Installshield, includes Cygwin, Singular, and (optionally)
    44 XEmacs, distributed as various self-extracting archives.
     60XEmacs, distributed as several self-extracting archives.
    4561@item @nref{Emacs user interface}
    4662the recommended interface for using @sc{Singular}
    6783@table @asis
    6884@item new coefficient domains: arbitrary long real and complex numbers
    69 The current syntax is going to change slightly in the final version 2.0.
    7085@item no restriction on number of ring variables
    7186@item no restriction on number of parameters
    107122@item @nref{qhmoduli_lib}
    108123Moduli spaces of sqh-singularities
     124@end table
     126@heading Changes in @sc{Singular} libraries
     127Many procedures were moved into different libraries,
     128the documentation of libraries was generally improved and
     129some libraries renamed:
     130@table @asis
     131@item @nref{ainvar_lib}
     132renamed @code{invar.lib} to @code{ainvar.lib}
     133(see also @code{rinvar.lib}, @code{finvar.lib}).
     134@item @nref{deform_lib}
     135renamed procedures @code{T1, T2, T12} to @code{T_1, T_2, T_12}.
     136@item @nref{poly_lib}
     137new procedures numerator/denominator
    109138@end table
    167196@item @code{pause}
    168197can be called with argument, must be called with parenthesis.
    169 @end table
    171 @heading Changes in @sc{Singular} libraries
    172 Many procedures got into different libraries,
    173 documentation of libraries improved,
    174 some libraries renamed:
    175 @table @asis
    176 @item @nref{ainvar_lib}
    177 renamed @code{invar.lib} to @code{ainvar.lib}
    178 (see also @code{rinvar.lib}, @code{finvar.lib}).
    179 @item @nref{deform_lib}
    180 renamed procedures @code{T1, T2, T12} to @code{T_1, T_2, T_12}.
    181 @item @nref{poly_lib}
    182 new procedures numerator/denominator
     198@item @nref{option}
     199new options: @code{oldStd}, @code{redThrough}, @code{notBuckets}
    183200@end table
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