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    11@comment -*-texinfo-*-
    2 @comment $Id: NEWS.texi,v 1.38 2005-04-26 12:47:41 Singular Exp $
     2@comment $Id: NEWS.texi,v 1.39 2005-04-29 08:23:49 Singular Exp $
    33@comment this file contains the News about Singular versions
    44@comment Unix
    2121@end ifset
    23 The current version @value{VERSION} is an update to the new
    24 release series version 2-0.
     23The current version @value{VERSION} is a pre-release to the new
     24release series version 3-0.
    26 Singular version 2 is generally much faster than any previous
    27 version of Singular, due to a rewrite of major parts of the Singular
    28 kernel (e.g., the kernel has a new memory manager and a new polynomial
    29 arithmetic) and due to new and better implemented algorithms (e.g., for
    30 computing resolutions and determinants).
    32 Besides theses internal changes, Singular version 2 offers many new
    33 features and functionlities (which were partly already incorporated in
    34 the 1-3 series). E.g., a native Windows distribution, an Emacs user
    35 interface, a new help system, 16  new libraries, etc.
    37 All these changes are explained in more detail below.
    39 @heading Efficiency Improvements
    40 The following table shows some timings which compare the efficincy of
    41 Singular version 1-2-3 and Singular version 2. All times are in seconds
    42 and were obtained on an AMD Athlon with 700 MHz, 128 MB RAM, running
    43 Linux.
    45 @multitable @columnfractions .15 .15 .25 .15 .15 .15
    46 @item @strong{Example} @tab @strong{Comp} @tab @strong{Ring} @tab @strong{1-2} @tab @strong{2-0} @tab @strong{Speedup}
    47 @item @uref{,,mora_1} @tab std  @tab 32003,x(1..3),ds @tab 82 @tab 9.4 @tab 8.7
    48 @item @uref{,,mora_9} @tab std  @tab 32003,x(1..14),ds @tab 9600 @tab 96 @tab 100
    49 @item @uref{,,homog_gonnet} @tab std  @tab 32003,x(1..18),dp @tab 33 @tab 8.9 @tab 4.5
    50 @item @uref{,,homog_cyclic_8} @tab std  @tab 32003,x(1..9),dp @tab 1873 @tab 472 @tab 4.0
    51 @item  @uref{,,cyclic_8} @tab std @tab 32003,x(1..8),dp @tab >47800 @tab 478 @tab >100
    52 @end multitable
     26Singular version 3 has a greater functionality and an improved architecture.
     27Major new features are:
     30dynamic modules
     32non-commutative extensions (plural)
     34name spaces (package)
     36easy manipulation of rings (ringlist)
     38improved speed of maps (subst, map)
     40improved factorization (integration of NTL, factorization over algebraic extensions,
     43improved gcd of polynomials (including bug fixes)
     45ports to more architectures including automatic building from source (fink on Mac, ebuild on Gentoo)
     47more help browser supported, user extendable (help.cnf)
     49many bugs fixed
     50@end itemize
     51Besides theses internal changes, Singular version 3 offers many new
     52features and functionalities (which were partly already incorporated in
     53the 2-0 series).
    5455@heading Factorizing algorithms revisited
    5758does now also work over algebraic extension fields.
    59 @heading General Changes
    60 @table @asis
    61 @item @strong{Windows distribution}
    62 created with Installshield, includes Cygwin, Singular, and (optionally)
    63 XEmacs, distributed as several self-extracting archives. Contains @sc{Singular} help
    64 in a Windows Help format (the file @code{Manual.hlp}).
    65 @item @nref{Emacs user interface}
    66 the recommended interface for using @sc{Singular}
    67 @item @code{ESingular}
    68 new program for an out-of-the-box, pre-customized Emacs which runs
    69 Singular
    70 @item @nref{The online help system}
    71 choose in which browser the on-line help is displayed;
    72 @*wildcard expansion of help topics
    73 @*new layout of html manual pages
    74 @item @nref{Source code debugger}
    75 interactive debugging of procedures written in the @sc{Singular}
    76 language
    77 @item @nref{example}
    78 Provide on-line examples for all kernel and library commands.
    79 @item file/directory layout of distribution
    80 @code{Singular/<version>/}
    81 @item
    82 New WWW home-site of @sc{Singular}
    83 @item RPM versions of Singular
    84 including integration into KDE
    85 @end table
    87 @heading Extensions of the ring concept
    89 @table @asis
    90 @item new coefficient domains: arbitrary long real and complex numbers
    91 @item no restriction on number of ring variables
    92 @item no restriction on number of parameters
    93 @c @item TBC: DegBound on exponent values
    94 @c @item TBC: parameters over real/complex
    95 @c @item TBC: declaration with "ring of ring".
    96 @end table
    9860@heading New @sc{Singular} libraries
    10062Reorganisation of libraries into "Categories".
    10163@table @asis
    102 @item @nref{intprog_lib} procedures for computing toric ideals
    103 @item @nref{toric_lib} procedures for Integer Programming using Groebner bases
    104 @item @nref{spectrum_lib} procedures for computing spectra
    10564@item @nref{mregular_lib}  procedures for computing the Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity
    106 @c @item @nref{mprimdec}
    107 @c procedures for primary decomposition of modules
    108 @item @nref{mondromy_lib}
    109 procedures for computing the monodromy of a singularity
     65@item @nref{mprimdec}
     66procedures for primary decomposition of modules
    11067@item @nref{gmspoly_lib}, @nref{gmssing_lib}
    11168procedures for the Gauss-Manin connection of a singularity
    112 @item @nref{spcurve_lib}
    113 procedures for CM codimension 2 singularities
    114 @item @nref{triang_lib}
    115 procedures for decomposing zero-dimensional ideals
    116 @item @nref{solve_lib}
    117 procedures for solving polynomial systems
    118 @item @nref{surf_lib}
    119 visualization of curves and surfaces with @code{surf}
    120 @item @nref{reesclos_lib}
    121 Rees Algebra and integral closure of an ideal
    122 @item @nref{brnoeth_lib}
    123 Brill-Noether algorithm, Weierstrass semigroups and AG codes
    124 @item @nref{stratify_lib}
    125 Algorithmic stratification by the Greuel-Pfister algorithm
    126 @item @nref{rinvar_lib}
    127 Invariant rings of reductive groups
    128 @item @nref{zeroset_lib}
    129 Procedures for roots and factorization
    130 @item @nref{qhmoduli_lib}
    131 Moduli spaces of sqh-singularities
    13269@end table
    13471@heading Changes in @sc{Singular} libraries
    13572Many procedures were moved into different libraries,
    136 the documentation of libraries was generally improved and
    137 some libraries renamed:
     73the documentation of libraries was generally improved.
    13874@table @asis
    139 @item @nref{ainvar_lib}
    140 renamed @code{invar.lib} to @code{ainvar.lib}
    141 (see also @code{rinvar.lib}, @code{finvar.lib}).
    142 @item @nref{deform_lib}
    143 renamed procedures @code{T1, T2, T12} to @code{T_1, T_2, T_12}.
    144 @item @nref{poly_lib}
    145 new procedures numerator/denominator
    146 @item @nref{linalg_lib}
    147 included @code{jordan.lib} in @code{linalg.lib}
    14875@end table
    15279@table @asis
    153 @item @code{convhull, simplex}
    154 TODO: docu, tests
    155 @item @nref{division}
    156 Extension of lift: @code{division(M,SM)} returns a list @code{[T,U,R]}
    157 with @code{SM*U+R=M*T}
    158 @item @nref{breakpoint}
    159 sets a debugger breakpoint
    160 @item @code{div}
    161 integer division omitting remainder
    162 @item @nref{ERROR}
    163 interrupts computation in current procedure and returns with error
    164 message to top-level
    165 @item @nref{fglmquot}
    166 calculate ideal quotions using FGLM-techniques
    167 @item @nref{leadmonom}
    168 returns the leading monomial of a polynomial or a vector as a polynomial
    169 or vector whose coefficient is one
    170 @item @nref{highcorner}
    171 returns the smallest monomial not contained in and ideal/module
    172 @item @nref{hres}
    173 calculate free resolution of homogenous ideal using Hilbert-driven
    174 algorithm.
    175 @item @nref{minor}
    176 with an optional third argument minors modulo a standard basis will be computed
    177 @item @nref{mpresmat}
    178 calculate module representing the multipolynomial resultant matrix
    179 @item @nref{uressolve}
    180 compute all complex roots of a zerodimensional ideal
    181 @item @nref{vandermonde}
    182 solve Vandermonde linear system
    183 @item @nref{jet}
    184 extended for series expansions of rational expressions
    185 @item @nref{reduce}
    186 extended for reduced normal form of rational expressions
     80@item @code{ringlist}
    18781@end table
    18983@heading @sc{Singular} functions whose syntax/semantics has changed
    19084@table @asis
    191 @item @nref{division}
    192 arguments swapped w.r.t. version 2-0-1 and before
    193 @item @nref{coeffs}
    194 Extended possible syntax to
    195 @code{coeffs(ideal,ideal)} and @code{coeffs(module,module)} which is
    196 equivalent to @code{coeffs(ideal,ideal,p)} and
    197 @code{coeffs(module,module,p)} where @code{p} is a polynomial (i.e.,
    198 monomial) consisting of all ring variables.
    199 @item @nref{execute}
    200 parenthesis around argument of execute is now @strong{mandatory}.
    201 @item @nref{lift}
    202 new implementation (unified handling of isSB and not isSB case); new
    203 optional third argument (a matrix name), which, if given, stores the
    204 "matrix of units"
    205 @item @nref{bareiss}
    206 new implementation after Lie-Saunders, much faster
    207 @item @nref{example}
    208 run example for all kernel commands.
    209 @c @item @nref{fetch}
    210 @item @nref{print}
    211 Finer-grained control for formatted output.
    212 @item @nref{pause}
    213 can be called with argument, must be called with parenthesis.
    214 @item @nref{option}
    215 new options: @code{oldStd}, @code{redThrough}, @code{notBuckets}
    216 @end table
    218 @heading Changes of command-line options and system resources
    219 @table @asis
    220 @item @code{--browser}, @code{--allow-net}, @code{--emacs}, @code{--sdb}
    221 new command-line options
    222 @ifset singularmanual
    223 (@pxref{Command line options})
    224 @end ifset
    225 .
    226 @item @nref{system}
    227 values of command-line options can be inspected/set at run-time with
    228 @code{system(<option>[,<new_value])}.
    229 @item @code{.singularrc}
    230 system administrators can put a "global" @code{.singularrc} file into
    231 the directories where @sc{Singular} libraries reside
    232 @ifset singularmanual
    233 (@pxref{Startup sequence})
    234 @end ifset
    235 .
    236 @item @code{libreadline}
    237 if found, a shared version of the @code{readline} library is linked-in
    238 dynamically at run-time. If not found, @code{readline} is emulated.
     85@item @nref{degree}
     86outputs degree and dimension instead of returning an int
     87@item @nref{attrib}
     88new attribute: @code{rowShift}
    23989@end table
    24191@heading Internal Changes
    24292@table @asis
    243 @item new data structures for monomials and polynomials
    244 Makes polynomial arithmetic significantly faster: Especially for block -
    245 or weighted orderings.
    246 Bucket representation of polynomials in std;
    247 Ring change during std, res and bareiss computations
    248 (resulting in more speed and less space consumption).
    249 @item new memory management
    250 Results is less memory usage, faster memory allocation/free, less
    251 fragmentation, much better locality of reference.
    252 @item factorization
    253 revisited, missing cases implemented
     93@item new mapping code
     94@item non-commutative extensions (plural)
     95@item factory revisited
    25496@end table
    258100@itemize @bullet
    260 @code{libreadline} works only with ix86-libc5,
    261 ix86-libc6,HPUX_9,HPUX_10
    262 @item Singular is available for ix86-libc5, ix86-libc6, HPUX_9, HPUX_10,
     102@item Singular is available for ix86-Linux, HPUX_9, HPUX_10,
    263103SunOS-4, SunOS-5, IRIX-6, ix86-Win (runs on Windows 95/98/NT4/2000),
    264 FreeBSD 4.2, MacOS X
     104FreeBSD, MacOS X, DecAlpha-Linux, x86_64-Linux (AMD64/Opteron/EM64T),
    265106@end itemize
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