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  • kernel/COPYING

    r2ff076 rab53b7  
    1                         SINGULAR version 3-0-3
    2                             Singular-kernel
     1                        SINGULAR version 3-0-4
    43                     University of Kaiserslautern
    1615This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    1716under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
    18 Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
    19 option) any later version with the following additional restrictions
    20 (which override any conflicting restrictions in the GPL):
     17Free Software Foundation ( version 2 or version 3 of the License ).
    22 This package is part of the software SINGULAR. The GPL is valid for
    23 this package, other packages may have other copyrights.
     19The following software used with SINGULAR have their own copyright: the
     20omalloc library, the readline library, the Gnu Multiple Precision
     21Library (GMP), NTL: A Library for doing Number Theory (NTL), the Multi
     22Protocol library (MP), the Singular-Factory library, the
     23Singular-libfac library, and, for the Windows distributions the Cygwin
     24DLL and the Cygwin tools (Cygwin), and the XEmacs editor (XEmacs).
    25 Their copyrights and licences can be found in the accompanying files
    26 which are distributed along with these packages.
     26Their copyrights and licenses can be found in the accompanying files
     27which are distributed along with these packages.  (Since version 3-0-3
     28of SINGULAR, all parts have GPL or LGPL as (one of) their licences.)
    2830This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
    40 Please register yourself as a SINGULAR user by sending email to
    41 <> with the subject line `register'
    42 if you not already done so.
     42If you want to be informed of new releases,  please register yourself
     43as a SINGULAR user by using the registration form on the SINGULAR
     44homepage               `'.  If for some
     45reason you cannot access the registration form, you can also register
     46by sending an email to               <>
     47with subject line `register' and body containing the following data:
     48 your name, email address, organisation, country and platform(s).
    44 If you use Singular or parts thereof in a project and/or publish
    45 results that were partly obtained using SINGULAR, we ask you to cite
    46 SINGULAR and inform us thereof - see
     50For the citation of SINGULAR see
    4751`', for information on
    4852how to cite Singular.
     54You can also support SINGULAR by informing us about your result
     55obtained by using SINGULAR.
    6269Currently, the SINGULAR team has the following members: Michael
    63 Brickenstein, Wolfram Decker, Anne Fru"hbis-Kru"ger, Kai Kru"ger,
    64 Christoph Lossen, Viktor Levandovskyy, Wilfred Pohl and Oliver Wienand. 
     70Brickenstein, Wolfram Decker, Alexander Dreyer, Anne Fru"hbis-Kru"ger,
     71Kai Kru"ger, Viktor Levandovskyy, Oleksandr Motsak, and Oliver Wienand.
    66 Former members of the SINGULAR team are: Olaf Bachmann, Wolfgang
    67 Neumann, Jens Schmidt, Mathias Schulze, Thomas Siebert, Ru"diger Stobbe,
    68 Eric Westenberger and Tim Wichmann. 
     73Former members of the SINGULAR team are: Olaf Bachmann, Christoph
     74Lossen, Wolfgang Neumann, Wilfred Pohl, Jens Schmidt, Mathias Schulze,
     75Thomas Siebert, Ru"diger Stobbe, Eric Westenberger and Tim Wichmann.
    7077Further contributions to SINGULAR were made by: Thomas Bayer, Isabelle
    71 Bermejo, Markus Becker, Kai Dehmann, Alexander Dreyer, Stephan Endrass,
    72 Jose Ignacio Farran, Vladimir Gerdt, Philippe Gimenez, Christian Gorzel,
    73 Hubert Grassmann, Fernando Hernando, Agnes Heydtmann, Dietmar
    74 Hillebrand, Tobias Hirsch, Thomas Keilen, Simon King, Anen Lakhal,
    75 Martin Lamm, Santiago Laplagne, Francisco Javier Lobillo, Bernd Martin,
    76 Michael Messollen, Andrea Mindnich, Jorge Martin Morales, Oleksandr
    77 Motsak, Thomas Nu"ssler, Carlos Rabelo, Alfredo Sanchez-Navarro, Henrik
    78 Strohmayer, Christian Stussak, Imade Sulandra, Christine Theis, Enrique
    79 Tobis, Alberto Vigneron-Tenorio, Moritz Wenk, Denis Yanovich, Oleksandr
    80 Yena. 
     78Bermejo, Markus Becker, Stas Bulygin, Kai Dehmann, Marcin Dumnicki,
     79Stephan Endrass, Jose Ignacio Farran, Vladimir Gerdt, Philippe Gimenez,
     80Christian Gorzel, Hubert Grassmann, Fernando Hernando, Agnes Heydtmann,
     81Dietmar Hillebrand, Tobias Hirsch, Manuel Kauers, Simon King, Anen
     82Lakhal, Martin Lamm, Santiago Laplagne, Gregoire Lecerf, Francisco
     83Javier Lobillo, Thomas Markwig, Bernd Martin, Michael Messollen, Andrea
     84Mindnich, Jorge Martin Morales, Thomas Nu"ssler, Carlos Rabelo, Alfredo
     85Sanchez-Navarro, Henrik Strohmayer, Christian Stussak, Imade Sulandra,
     86Christine Theis, Enrique Tobis, Alberto Vigneron-Tenorio, Moritz Wenk,
     87Denis Yanovich, Oleksandr Yena.
    8289We should like to acknowledge the financial support given by the
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