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    11@comment -*-texinfo-*-
    2 @comment $Id: COPYING.texi,v 1.8 2001-01-19 10:38:54 keilen Exp $
     2@comment $Id: COPYING.texi,v 1.9 2001-03-21 15:40:10 Singular Exp $
    33@comment this file contains the copyright notice on Singular
    44@ifclear VERSION
    1818@center Authors: @uref{,,G.-M. Greuel}, @uref{,,G. Pfister}, @uref{,,H. Schoenemann}
    20 @center Copyright @copyright{} 1986-2000; All Rights Reserved
     20@center Copyright @copyright{} 1986-2001
    2121@sp 2
    2222@center @strong{NOTICE}
    24 Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software or parts
    25 thereof and its documentation or parts thereof for non-commercial
    26 purposes and without fee is hereby granted provided the following four
    27 conditions are satisfied:
     24This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
     25it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
     26the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
     27(at your option) any later version with the
     28following additional restrictions (which override any conflicting
     29restrictions in the GPL):
    29 @enumerate
    30 @item
    31 The above copyright notice appears in all copies of the software
    32 and both the copyright notice and this permission notice
    33 appear in supporting documentation.
    35 @item
    36 The name of the program ("@sc{Singular}") is retained.
    38 @item
    39 Portions of the software which are modified are marked.
    41 @item
    42 You have registered yourself as a @sc{Singular} user by sending email to
    43 @email{}
    44 with the subject line
    45 @code{register}.
    46 @end enumerate
    48 Neither the University of Kaiserslautern nor the authors make any
    49 representations about the suitability of this software for any
    50 purpose.  This software is provided ``as is'' without express or
    51 implied warranty.
    53 If your intended use of @sc{Singular} is not covered by the license above,
    54 please contact us.  Notice that in the license above we have not
    55 granted permission to make copies of Singular to be sold, distributed
    56 on media which are sold, or distributed along with software which is
    57 sold.
    59 If you use Singular or parts thereof in a project and/or publish
    60 results that were partly obtained using @sc{Singular}, we request that you
    61 cite @sc{Singular} and inform us thereof -- see
    62 @uref{},
    63 for information on how to cite Singular.
    65 Please send any comments or bug reports to
    66 @email{}.
    68 The following parts of @sc{Singular} have their own copyright: the Gnu
    69 Multiple Precision Library (GMP), the Multi Protocol library (MP), the
    70 Factory library, the libfac library, and, for the Windows 9X/NT
     31The following parts of @sc{Singular} have their own copyright:
     32the omalloc library, the readline library,
     33the Gnu Multiple Precision Library (GMP),
     34the Multi Protocol library (MP), the
     35Singular-Factory library, the Singular-libfac library, and,
     36for the Windows 9X/NT
    7137distributions the Cygwin DLL and the Cygwin tools (Cygwin), and the
    7238XEmacs editor (XEmacs).
    7440Their copyrights and licences can be found in the accompanying files
    7541which are distributed along with these packages.
     43This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
     44but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
     46GNU General Public License for more details.
     48You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
     49along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
     50Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA
     52Please send any comments or bug reports to
     55Please register yourself as a @sc{Singular} user by sending email to
     57with the subject line
     60If you use Singular or parts thereof in a project and/or publish
     61results that were partly obtained using @sc{Singular}, we ask you to
     62cite @sc{Singular} and inform us thereof -- see
     64for information on how to cite Singular.
    7766@heading Availability
    8372anonymous ftp through the following addresses:
    8473@table @asis
    85 @item GMP
     74@item GMP, libreadline
    8675@copyright{} Free Software Foundation
    8776@* @uref{} or its mirrors
    8978@copyright{} Gray/Kajler/Wang, Kent State University
    9079@* @uref{}
    91 @item Factory
     80@item Singular-Factory
    9281@copyright{} Greuel/Stobbe, University of Kaiserslautern:
    93 @* Contact @email{} for details on Factory.
    94 @item libfac
    95 @copyright{}  Messollen, University of
    96 Saarbr@"ucken:
    97 @* Contact @email{} for details on libfac.
    98 @item @sc{Singular} binaries
     82@* @uref{}
     83@item Singular-libfac
     84@copyright{}  Messollen, University of Saarbr@"ucken:
     85@* @uref{}
     86@item @sc{Singular} binaries and sources
    9987@uref{} or via a
    10088WWW brow@-ser from
    117105@cindex Sch@"onemann, Hans
    119 Contributions to the kernel of @sc{Singular} have been made by
     107Currently, the @sc{Singular} team has the following members:
    120108Olaf Bachmann,
    121 Hubert Grassmann,
     109Anne Fr@"ubis-Kr@"uger,
     110Thomas Keilen,
    122111Kai Kr@"uger,
    123 Michael Me@ss{}ollen,
    124 Wolfgang Neumann,
    125 Thomas N@"u@ss{}ler,
     112Christoph Lossen,
     113Victor Levandovskyy,
    126114Wilfred Pohl,
    127 Jens Schmidt,
    128 Thomas Siebert,
    129 R@"udiger Stobbe,
    130 Moritz Wenk
     115Mathias Schulze,
     116Eric Westenberger,
    132118Tim Wichmann.
    133119@cindex Bachmann, Olaf
    134 @cindex Grassmann, Hubert
     120@cindex Fr@"ubis-Kr@"uge,r Anne
     121@cindex Keilen, Thomas
    135122@cindex Kr@"uger, Kai
    136 @cindex Messollen Michael
    137 @cindex Neumann, Wolfgang
    138 @cindex N@"u@ss{}ler, Thomas
     123@cindex Lossen, Christoph
     124@cindex Levandovskyy, Victor
    139125@cindex Pohl, Wilfred
    140 @cindex Schmidt, Jens
    141 @cindex Siebert, Thomas
    142 @cindex Stobbe, R@"udiger
    143 @cindex Wenk, Moritz
     126@cindex Schulze, Mathias
     127@cindex Westenberger, Eric
    144128@cindex Wichmann, Tim
     130Past members of the @sc{Singular} team are:
     131Hubert Grassmann,
     132Wolfgang Neumann,
     133Jens Schmidt,
     134R@"udiger Stobbe.
     135@cindex Grassmann, Hubert
     136@cindex Neumann, Wolfgang
     137@cindex Schmidt, Jens
     138@cindex Stobbe, R@"udiger
    147 @sc{Singular} libraries have furthermore been contributed by
     140Further contributions to @sc{Singular} were made by:
     141Thomas Bayer,
     142Isabelle Bermejo,
    148143Stephan Endra@ss{},
     144Jose Ignacio Farran Martin,
    149145Wolfram Decker,
    150 Ignacio Farran,
    151 Anne Fr@"ubis-Kr@"uger,
     146Philippe Gimenez,
    152147Christian Gorzel,
    153 Agnes Eileen Heydtmann,
     148Agnes Heydtmann,
    154149Dietmar Hillebrand,
    155 Thomas Keilen,
    156 Ulrich Klein,
     150Tobias Hirsch,
    157151Martin Lamm,
    158 Christoph Lossen,
    159152Bernd Martin,
    160 Mathias Schulze,
    161 and
     153Michael Me@ss{}ollen,
     154Thomas N@"u@ss{}ler,
    162155Moritz Wenk.
    164 @cindex Endra@ss{}, Stephan
    165 @cindex Decker, Wolfram
    166 @cindex Farran, Ignacio
    167 @cindex  Fr@"ubis-Kr@"uge,r Anne
    168 @cindex Gorzel, Christian
    169 @cindex Heydtmann, Agnes Eileen
    170 @cindex Hillebrand, Dietmar
    171 @cindex Keilen, Thomas
    172 @cindex Klein, Ulrich
    173 @cindex Lamm, Martin
    174 @cindex Lossen, Christoph
    175 @cindex Martin, Bernd
    176 @cindex Schulze, Mathias
    178158We should like to acknowledge the financial support given by
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