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	* usercard.tex: minor fixes, some sections added

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    1 % $Id: usercard.tex,v 1.2 1998-05-25 09:49:02 schmidt Exp $
     1% $Id: usercard.tex,v 1.3 1998-05-27 13:24:20 schmidt Exp $
    1717In particular if \Singular\ prints the continuation prompt {\tt .}
    18 (dot) instead of the regular command prompt {\tt >}, then it
     18(peri\-od) instead of the regular command prompt {\tt >}, then it
    1919waits for a command to be terminated by a {\tt ;}.  If that does
    2020not help, try one or more {\tt "} or {\tt \char`}} to close an
    2828\sec Starting SINGULAR(2.5cm)
    2929Singular&                       start \Singular\cr
    30 Singular {\it files} $\ldots$&  read {\it files\/} and prompt for further commands\cr
     30Singular {\it files} \rep&      read {\it files\/} and prompt for further commands\cr
    3131Singular --help&                print help on command line options and exit\cr
    9393\sec Ring declaration()
    94 \longentry ring {\it name\/} = {\it basefield}, ({\it ringvars}), {\it ordering\/};&
     94\longentry ring {\it name\/} = {\it basefield}, ({\it ringvars\/}), {\it ordering\/};&
    9595                                \hyphenpenalty=50 \tolerance=200 declare ring
    9696                                {\it name\/} and make it the current base\-ring.
    146146ws($w_1$, $\ldots$)&            general weighted reverse lexicographical ordering\cr
    147147Ws($w_1$, $\ldots$)&            general weighted lexicographical ordering\cr
    148 &                               $w_1$ has to be a nonzero integer, every other
     148&                               $w_1$ has to be a non-zero integer, every other
    149149                                $w_i$ may be any integer\cr
    150150\subsec{Matrix orderings}
    250250\sec Monitoring and debugging tools()
    251251timer = 1;&                     print time used for commands to execute\cr
    252 \longentry int t = timer; {\it commandsequence}; timer-t;&
    253                                 print time used for {\it commandsequence} to
    254                                 execute\cr
     252\longentry int t = timer; {\it commands\/}; \rep; timer-t;&
     253                                print time used for {\it commands\/} to execute\cr
    255254memory(1);&                     print number of bytes allocated from system\cr
    256255option(prot);&                  show algorithm protocol\cr
    259258TRACE = 1;&                     print protocol on execution of procedures\cr
    260259listvar(all);&                  list all (user-)defined names\cr
    261 \longentry listvar({\it ringname});&
     260\longentry listvar({\it ringname\/});&
    262261                                list all names belonging to {\it ringname}\cr
    267266\sec Options()
    268267option();&                      show current option settings\cr
    269 \longentry option($option_1$, no$option_2$, $\ldots$);&
     268\longentry option($option_1$, no$option_2$, \rep);&
    270269                                switch $option_1$ on and $option_2$ off, resp.\cr
    271270option(none);&                  reset all options to default values\cr
    300299multBound&                      stop if multiplicity gets smaller than {\tt
    301300                                multBound}\cr
    302 noether&                        cut off all monomials above the monomial {\tt
     301noether&                        cut off all monomials above monomial {\tt
    303302                                noether}\cr
    316315\sec Input and output()
    317 < "{\it filename}";&            load and execute {\it filename}\cr
    318 \longentry write("{\it filename}", {\it expression\_list})&
    319                                 write {\it expression\_list} to ASCII file {\it
     316< "{\it filename\/}";&          load and execute {\it filename\/}\cr
     317\longentry write("{\it filename\/}", {\it expression\_list\/})&
     318                                write {\it expression\_list\/} to ASCII file {\it
    320319                                filename}\cr
    321 \longentry read("{\it filename}");&
    322                                 read ASCII file {\it filename} and return
     320\longentry read("{\it filename\/}");&
     321                                read ASCII file {\it filename\/} and return
    323322                                content as a string.  See also example below.\cr
    325 dump("MPfile: {\it filename}");\par
    326 getdump("MPfile: {\it filename}");&
     324dump("MPfile: {\it filename\/}");\par
     325getdump("MPfile: {\it filename\/}");&
    327326                                dump current state of {\sc Singular} to {\it
    328327                                filename} and retrieve it, resp.\cr
    348347\sec Mapping(1.5cm)
    349348\longentry map {\it name\/} = {\it ringname}, {\it ideal\/};&
    350                                 declare a map {\it name\/} from {\it ringname}
     349                                declare a map {\it name\/} from {\it ringname\/}
    351350                                to current basering.  The $i$'th ring variable
    352                                 from {\it ringname} is mapped to the $i$'th
     351                                from {\it ringname\/} is mapped to the $i$'th
    353352                                generator of {\it ideal}.\cr
    354353\longentry {\it mapname\/}({\it expression\/})&
    381380\sec Miscellany(1.5cm)
    382 \longentry ord({\it poly\/}\alt{\it vector\/})&
     381\longentry ord({\it poly\/\alt vector\/})&
    383382                                return (weighted) degree of initial term\cr
    384 \longentry deg({\it poly\/}\alt{\it vector\/})&
    385                                 return maximal (weighted) degree of terms\cr
     383\longentry deg({\it poly\/\alt vector\/})&
     384                                return maximal (weighted) degree\cr
     386size({\it ideal\/\alt module\/})\par
     387size({\it poly\/\alt vector\/})\par
     388size({\it string\/\alt intvec\/\alt list\/})&
     389                                return (1) number of non-zero generators;
     390                                (2) number of monomials; (3) length\cr
     391\longentry kill({\it name\/})&
     392                                delete variable {\it name}\cr
     393\longentry setring({\it name}\/)&
     394                                make {\it name} the current basering\cr
     397\sec Standard bases(1.5cm)
     398\longentry groebner({\it ideal\/\alt module\/}\opt{, {\it int\/}})&
     399                                compute a standard basis using a heuristically
     400                                choosen method.  Delimit computation time to
     401                                {\it int\/} seconds.\cr
     402\longentry std({\it ideal\/\alt module\/}\opt{, {\it intvec\/}})&
     403                                compute a standard basis.  Use first
     404                                Hilbert-series {\it intvec\/} (result from {\tt
     405                                hilb($\ldots$, 1)}) for Hilbert-driven
     406                                computation.\cr
     407\longentry stdfglm({\it ideal\/}\opt{,{\it string\/}})&
     408                                compute a standard basis\cr
     409\longentry stdhilb({\it ideal\/}\opt{,{\it intvec\/}})&
     410                                compute a standard basis\cr
     413\sec Invariants of ideals and modules(1.5cm)
     414\longentry hilb({\it ideal\/\alt module\/}\opt{, {\it int\/}})&
     415                                display first and second hilbert series with one
     416                                argument.\cr
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