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Aug 30, 1999, 9:08:18 PM (25 years ago)
Tim Wichmann <wichmann@…>
(u'fieker-DuVal', '117eb8c30fc9e991c4decca4832b1d19036c4c65')(u'spielwiese', '648d28f488f6ff08f5607ff229b9ad9e4a5b93c2')
1999-08-27  Jens Schmidt  <>

	* .bashrc (STARTUP): load `cmpl-hlp.el' now

	* singular.el: `Online help' folding finished

1999-08-26  Jens Schmidt  <>

	* singular.el (singular-error): new function

	* .bashrc: adapted to new Singular version

	* .emacs-singular: code removed that starts Singular

	* .emacs-singular: code added to add global menus for Emacs and

	* .emacs-singular: settings for `singular-help-same-window'
	  added.  Settings for `singular-history-keys' and
	  `singular-cursor-keys' removed.

1999-08-24  Jens Schmidt  <>

	* singular.el (singular-same-window): new defcustom
	  (singular): uses the above variable to pop to buffer

	* singular.el: Folding `Starting Singular' renamed to `Starting
	  and stopping Singular'
	  (singular-exit-singular): moved to that folding

	* singular.el (singular-move-on-send): marked as user option

	* singular.el (singular-demo-last-directory): new variable
	  (singular-demo-mode-init): makes the above variable buffer-local
	  (singular-demo-load): uses and sets the above variable in
	  interactive specifier

	* singular.el (singular-demo-print-messages,
	  singular-demo-exit-on-load): default values changed

	* singular.el (singular-demo-chunk-regexp,
	  singular-demo-print-messages, singular-demo-exit-on-load,
	  singular-demo-load-directory): marked as user options

	* singular.el: Lots of changes to `Online help' folding.  Is still
	  quiet experimental.

	* singular.el (singular-history-ignoredups, singular-history-size,
	  singular-history-explicit-file-name): marked as user options

	* singular.el (singular-beginning-of-line): new function

	* singular.el (singular-toggle-truncate-lines): bug fix.  Does
	  frame refresh now after toggling value.

	* singular.el (singular-pop-to-buffer): new function.  Used in
	  `singular-help' and `singular'.

	* singular.el (singular-cursor-key-model): new defcustom replacing
	  former `singular-history-keys' and `singular-cursor-keys'
	  (singular-cursor-key-model-set): new function replacing former
	  `singular-history-cursor-keys-set' and
	  static initialization removed

	* singular.el (singular-interactive-mode-map): key bindings added

	* singular.el (singular): new customizing group
	  (singular-interactive): made a subgroup of the above group

1999-08-20  Jens Schmidt  <>

	* singular.el (singular-move-on-send): new defcustom
	  (singular-get-old-input, singular-send-or-copy-input): slightly

	* singular.el (singular-demo-chunk-regexp,
	  singular-demo-print-messages, singular-demo-exit-on-load,
	  singular-demo-load-directory): `:initialize' tags added

	* singular.el: folding `Skipping and stripping prompts and
	  newlines ...' completely rewritten.  Almost all variables
	  and constants removed.  Functions and variables renamed:

	  singular-skip-prompt-forward to singular-prompt-skip-forward
	  singular-skip-prompt-backward to singular-prompt-skip-backward
	  singular-strip-leading-prompt to singular-prompt-remove-string
	  singular-remove-prompt to singular-prompt-remove-region
	  singular-remove-prompt-filter to singular-prompt-remove-filter
	  singular-strip-white-space to singular-white-space-strip
	  singular-prompt-regexp to singular-comint-prompt-regexp

	  All references changed.  New function `singular-prompt-init'
	  added which is called in `singular-interactive-mode'

	* .emacs-singular: loads customization from ~/.emacs-singular-cust
	  if present

	* .emacs-singular: loads singular.el from

	* .emacs-singular: code added to remove "Load .emacs" menu entry
	  on XEmacs

	* .emacs-singular: doc fixes

	* .bashrc: variables `singular-emacs-home-directory' and
	  `singular-help-file-name' added to commandlines

1999-08-15  Jens Schmidt  <>

	* singular.el: new folding `Sending input interactive'.  Functions
	  `singular-get-old-input' and `singular-send-or-copy-input' moved
	  to that folding.

	* singular.el: folding `Skipping and stripping prompts and
	  newlines ...' renamed to `Skipping and stripping prompts and
	  whitespace ...'

	* singular.el (singular-interactive-mode): slightly re-organized

	* singular.el (singular-demo-show-next-chunk): bug fix

	* singular.el (singular-section-kill): new function
	  (singular-interactive-mode-map): key binding added for the
	  aforementioned function

	* singular.el (singular-section-to-string): renamed from
	  `singular-input-section-to-string'.  Optional argument END
	  removed.  All callers changed.

	* singular.el (singular-section-check): new function
	  singular.el (singular-folding-fold, singular-folding-unfold):
	  use `singular-section-check'

1999-08-10  Jens Schmidt  <>

	* singular.el (singular-history-insert): does not check
	  `singular-demo-insert-into-history' any longer
	  (singular-demo-insert-into-history): variable removed

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  • emacs/singular.el

    r71c107 re4b1fc  
    11;;; singular.el --- Emacs support for Computer Algebra System Singular
    3 ;; $Id: singular.el,v 1.36 1999-08-30 19:07:22 wichmann Exp $
     3;; $Id: singular.el,v 1.37 1999-08-30 19:08:18 wichmann Exp $
    55;;; Commentary:
    1515;; - "Singular" is written with an upper-case `S' in comments, doc
    1616;;   strings, and messages.  As part of symbols, it is written with
    17 ;;   a lower-case `s'.
     17;;   a lower-case `s'. 
    1818;; - When referring to the Singular interactive mode, do it in that
    1919;;   wording.  Use the notation `singular-interactive-mode' only when
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