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    11@comment -*-texinfo-*-
    2 @comment $Id: NEWS.texi,v 1.31 2001-02-26 11:29:46 Singular Exp $
     2@comment $Id: NEWS.texi,v 1.32 2001-02-26 13:11:28 Singular Exp $
    33@comment this file contains the News about Singular versions
    44@comment Unix
    2121@end ifset
    23 The current version @value{VERSION} is the first release of the new 
    24 release series version 2-0. Its is a major upgrade from both, the 1-2 and 
     23The current version @value{VERSION} is the first release of the new
     24release series version 2-0. Its is a major upgrade from both, the 1-2 and
    25251-3 release serieses.
    27 Singular version 2 is generally much faster than any previous 
     27Singular version 2 is generally much faster than any previous
    2828version of Singular, due to a rewrite of major parts of the Singular
    2929kernel (e.g., the kernel has a new memory manager and a new polynomial
    3030arithmetic) and due to new and better implemented algorithms (e.g., for
    31 computing resolutions and determinants). 
     31computing resolutions and determinants).
    3333Besides theses internal changes, Singular version 2 offers many new
    3434features and functionlities (which were partly already incorporated in
    3535the 1-3 series). E.g., a native Windows distribution, an Emacs user
    36 interface, a new help system, 16  new libraries, etc. 
     36interface, a new help system, 16  new libraries, etc.
    3838All these changes are explained in more detail below.
    9696@item @nref{intprog_lib} procedures for computing toric ideals
    9797@item @nref{toric_lib} procedures for Integer Programming using Groebner bases
    98 @item @code{spectrum.lib} procedures for computing spectra
     98@item @nref{spectrum_lib} procedures for computing spectra
    9999@item @nref{mregular_lib}  procedures for computing the Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity
    100100@item @nref{mondromy_lib}
    126126@heading Changes in @sc{Singular} libraries
    127127Many procedures were moved into different libraries,
    128 the documentation of libraries was generally improved and 
     128the documentation of libraries was generally improved and
    129129some libraries renamed:
    130130@table @asis
    176176@table @asis
    177177@item @nref{coeffs}
    178 Extended possible syntax to 
     178Extended possible syntax to
    179179@code{coeffs(ideal,ideal)} and @code{coeffs(module,module)} which is
    180180equivalent to @code{coeffs(ideal,ideal,p)} and
    194194@item @nref{print}
    195195Finer-grained control for formatted output.
    196 @item @code{pause}
     196@item @nref{pause}
    197197can be called with argument, must be called with parenthesis.
    198198@item @nref{option}
    203203@table @asis
    204204@item @code{--browser}, @code{--allow-net}, @code{--emacs}, @code{--sdb}
    205 new command-line options
     205new command-line options (@pxref{Command line options}).
    206206@item @nref{system}
    207207values of command-line options can be inspected/set at run-time with
    209209@item @code{.singularrc}
    210210system administrators can put a "global" @code{.singularrc} file into
    211 the directories where @sc{Singular} libraries reside.
     211the directories where @sc{Singular} libraries reside (@pxref{Startup sequence}).
    212212@item @code{libreadline}
    213213if found, a shared version of the @code{readline} library is linked-in
    232232@itemize @bullet
    233 @item 
    234 @code{libreadline} works only with ix86-libc5, 
     234@code{libreadline} works only with ix86-libc5,
    236236@item Singular is available for ix86-libc5, ix86-libc6, HPUX_9, HPUX_10,
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