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(edit) @db143c   6 years hannes integrate xalloc into omalloc (./configure --disable-omalloc) fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @6408aa   6 years hannes fix: more simplification for omalloc/xalloc fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @e6cdad   6 years hannes use xalloc if omalloc is disabled fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @117e00e   6 years hannes removed unused system includes, math.h ->cmath for .cc files fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @474f55c   7 years hannes xalloc: removed omallocClass: no need to wrap new/delete/.. fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @b5dd9b   7 years hannes use include ".." for singular related .h, p1 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @f93ebb   7 years hannes fix: memory leak in re-setting arttributes fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @dc50ee   9 years hannes moved new/delete to omalloc/onallocClass.*, use for some classes fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @f4b7ce8   11 years hannes fix: removed unused atGet variants fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @6ce030f   12 years Oleksandr removal of the $Id$ svn tag from everywhere NOTE: the git SHA1 may be ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @599813   12 years Oleksandr minor changes/improvements add: default return value for a ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @c227a2f   13 years hannes attribute handling git-svn-id: ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @c4dab4   13 years hannes copy/deleting attributes of all types git-svn-id: ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @599326   14 years krueger Anne, Kai, Frank: - changes to #include "..." statements to allow ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @341696   15 years hannes Adding Id property to all files git-svn-id: ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @2dbaba4   15 years hannes *hannes: ring dep. attribs (trac 134) git-svn-id: ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @85e68dd   16 years hannes *hannes: gcc 4.2 git-svn-id: ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @242d8f   20 years hannes *hannes: type check for attr, attrib global git-svn-id: ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @c232af   24 years obachman * omalloc stuff git-svn-id: ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @416465   25 years obachman * bug-fixes from work with Thomas git-svn-id: ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @b7b08c   25 years obachman * us short exponent vectors in divisbility tests * AllocSizeOf * ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @6ae4f5   27 years hannes * hannes: - corrected scanner.l: parsing of strings in blocks: ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @f6b5f0   27 years hannes * hannes: change Log: and Header: to Id: git-svn-id: ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(add) @0e1846   27 years obachman This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r59, ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
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