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(edit) @f5a3a23   12 years martinlee84 added typedef lists from kernel/structs.h to lists.h changed ... spielwiese
(edit) @b1dfaf   13 years seelisch patch from Kai (checked for problems under Windows OS: no problems) ... spielwiese
(edit) @599326   13 years krueger Anne, Kai, Frank: - changes to #include "..." statements to allow ... spielwiese
(edit) @995a6a   14 years hannes clean up structs.h, part ... git-svn-id: ... spielwiese
(edit) @341696   14 years hannes Adding Id property to all files git-svn-id: ... spielwiese
(edit) @f43a74   18 years hannes *hannes: new lib: sheafcohom.lib weight stuff load ... spielwiese
(edit) @bfcb41   19 years hannes *hannes: optimization from 2-0 git-svn-id: ... spielwiese
(edit) @f3911d   21 years hannes *hannes: removed NAMESPACE support git-svn-id: ... spielwiese
(edit) @16acb0   22 years hannes * hannes: more ring-independence in changing rings, deleting data etc. ... spielwiese
(edit) @a3bc95e   22 years hannes *hannes: namespaces ->ns git-svn-id: ... spielwiese
(edit) @50cbdc   22 years hannes *hannes: merge-2-0-2 git-svn-id: ... spielwiese
(edit) @512a2b   23 years obachman p_polys.h git-svn-id: file:///usr/local/Singular/svn/trunk@4606 ... spielwiese
(edit) @c232af   23 years obachman * omalloc stuff git-svn-id: ... spielwiese
(edit) @416465   24 years obachman * bug-fixes from work with Thomas git-svn-id: ... spielwiese
(edit) @0f1252   24 years obachman * bug fixes git-svn-id: file:///usr/local/Singular/svn/trunk@3717 ... spielwiese
(edit) @b7b08c   24 years obachman * us short exponent vectors in divisbility tests * AllocSizeOf * ... spielwiese
(edit) @a9a7be   24 years obachman * walk stuff git-svn-id: file:///usr/local/Singular/svn/trunk@3682 ... spielwiese
(edit) @a79a128   24 years obachman * use vsnprintf, instead of vsprintf, when possible * new string and ... spielwiese
(edit) @4b2155   24 years obachman *string() implemented for all types -- no line breaks *inmtat(intvec, ... spielwiese
(edit) @0a3ddd   25 years krueger Modified Files: grammar.y ... spielwiese
(edit) @6d281ac   25 years krueger grammar.y ipid.h lists.h ring.h ... spielwiese
(edit) @25003c   25 years siebert *** empty log message *** git-svn-id: ... spielwiese
(edit) @6ae4f5   26 years hannes * hannes: - corrected scanner.l: parsing of strings in blocks: ... spielwiese
(edit) @f6b5f0   27 years hannes * hannes: change Log: and Header: to Id: git-svn-id: ... spielwiese
(add) @0e1846   27 years obachman This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r59, ... spielwiese
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