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(edit) @db143c   6 years hannes integrate xalloc into omalloc (./configure --disable-omalloc) fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @e6cdad   6 years hannes use xalloc if omalloc is disabled fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @a4b31c   7 years hannes use include ".." for singular related .h, p4 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @75f460   10 years hannes format fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @9f7665   10 years Oleksandr Removed HAVE_CONFIG guards fix: fixed the inclusion of ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @ba5e9e   11 years Oleksandr Changed configure-scripts to generate individual public config files ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @16f511   11 years Oleksandr Fixed the usage of "config.h" (if defined HAVE_CONFIG_H) fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @2e4ec14   11 years ren fix: -Wunused-parameter warnings fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @f89565   12 years hannes fix warnings: C++ comments in C code fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @17228e   12 years hannes fix: make check (for non-dbug version) removed: static.h fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @6ce030f   12 years Oleksandr removal of the $Id$ svn tag from everywhere NOTE: the git SHA1 may be ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @762407   12 years Oleksandr config.h is for sources files only FIX: config.h should only be used ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @bd795d   12 years Oleksandr improved build system in Singuar/: building of libparse and ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @0c7a63   13 years Oleksandr FIX: omConfig.h does NOT belong to the public interface of omalloc fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @49ea49   13 years Oleksandr CHG: eliminated omalloc/>.h in favour of static ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @715936   13 years Oleksandr FIX: omalloc should be configured with ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @938688   21 years hannes *hannes:2-1 new dir:kernel git-svn-id: ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @1c3523c   22 years pohl macro ppcMac_darwin git-svn-id: ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @bd5917   22 years hannes *hannes: MAC-Port git-svn-id: ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @747dce   23 years levandov win adoption git-svn-id: file:///usr/local/Singular/svn/trunk@5236 ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @f8dcbcb   24 years obachman windows port git-svn-id: file:///usr/local/Singular/svn/trunk@5128 ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @4b24dc8   24 years levandov win adoption git-svn-id: file:///usr/local/Singular/svn/trunk@5125 ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(add) @558fb3c   24 years hannes *hannes: C/C++ differences (found on SUN) git-svn-id: ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
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