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(edit) @9e24ef   10 years Oleksandr Moved tests from DM into Tst/dyn_modules (and turned them off) spielwiese
(edit) @bc2aed6   10 years Oleksandr Uniform dynamic flags for DM spielwiese
(edit) @99b54a   10 years Oleksandr Fixing static use of _dynamic_ modules as built-ins + dynamic loading ... spielwiese
(edit) @83192d   10 years Oleksandr Fixing the including of "config.h"-files before any other headers + ... spielwiese
(edit) @e3f523   11 years Oleksandr Misc changes to BS and others fix: GMP-checking will looks at CPATH ... spielwiese
(edit) @b5d6f0   11 years Oleksandr Use .so dynamic modules (no more[g]?!) spielwiese
(edit) @9ba92b   11 years Oleksandr BS cleanup: singular targets (no simultanious debug version) spielwiese
(edit) @2c889f   11 years Oleksandr Code update corresponding to renaming findexec into resources spielwiese
(edit) @f4cb99a   11 years Oleksandr Updating the BS + search pathes for better binary distribution (due to ... spielwiese
(edit) @a77d27   11 years Oleksandr Warning elimination (cast of int to void*) spielwiese
(edit) @2e4ec14   11 years ren fix: -Wunused-parameter warnings spielwiese
(edit) @6909cfb   11 years ren fix: -Wunused-variable warnings spielwiese
(edit) @39e070   11 years Oleksandr Fixed regression testing for Singular via 'make check' spielwiese
(edit) @5fdf7a   11 years max Replace --no-{rtti,exceptions} by -fno-{rtti,exceptions} This ... spielwiese
(edit) @538512   11 years hannes chg: StringAppend/StringSetS/StringEndS: use multiple times spielwiese
(edit) @240fe3   12 years jengelh build: use simpler relative path specifications Cosmetic only. It ... spielwiese
(edit) @bc2606   11 years Oleksandr Compiler warnings elimination spielwiese
(edit) @5e28ea   11 years Oleksandr Temporary removed -Winline TODO: revert this upon starting optimizing ... spielwiese
(edit) @fff6150   11 years Oleksandr added -Winline compiler option: warn when a function marked inline ... spielwiese
(edit) @17228e   11 years hannes fix: make check (for non-dbug version) removed: static.h spielwiese
(edit) @d1eb80   12 years Oleksandr dynamic modules don't need LDFLAGS spielwiese
(edit) @3b8a6e   12 years Oleksandr removed AM_LDFLAGS from those where a library is built ... spielwiese
(edit) @1114d2   12 years Oleksandr Dynamic modules: bigintm & syzextra will be built and can be tested ... spielwiese
(edit) @860bce   12 years Oleksandr repaired dyn_modules/bigintm fix: adaptation to spielwiese chg: use ... spielwiese
(edit) @383b2c8   12 years Oleksandr CHG: mod2.h should better be included as <kernel/mod2.h> spielwiese
(edit) @a45086   13 years Oleksandr FIX: mac os x specific linker options From: Oleksandr Motsak ... spielwiese
(edit) @27fc50   13 years Oleksandr FIX: fixed building/loading of dynamic modules on Mac OS X From: ... spielwiese
(edit) @636c28   13 years Oleksandr ADD: "scons debug=1" for debug version UPD: updated bigintm to support ... spielwiese
(edit) @f24733   13 years Oleksandr MV: moved WrongOP to blackbox FIX: dynamic modules must ONLY export ... spielwiese
(edit) @5cdbfe   13 years Oleksandr ADD: dynamic module stuff... From: Oleksandr Motsak ... spielwiese
(add) @e6d9a32   13 years Oleksandr ADD: bigintm as a module sample ADD: public blackbox_default_OpM ADD: ... spielwiese
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