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(edit) @72a01e   9 years hannes removed unused febase.h, moved parts to ipshell.h/subexpr.h/structs.h jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @4676d5   9 years Oleksandr Moved timer.*, and febase.* from /kernel/ to /Singular/ ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @9f7665   9 years Oleksandr Removed HAVE_CONFIG guards fix: fixed the inclusion of ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @57fa2c4   9 years adi_popescum Separating Headers kernel/GBEngine jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @ba5e9e   10 years Oleksandr Changed configure-scripts to generate individual public config files ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @83192d   10 years Oleksandr Fixing the including of "config.h"-files before any other headers + ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @6909cfb   10 years ren fix: -Wunused-variable warnings jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @d101b1   10 years Oleksandr Motsak <> Silence some warnings about statements without effect Insired by ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @d30a399   10 years hannes chg: option handling: test,verbose renamed to si_opt_1,si_opt_2 jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @6ce030f   11 years Oleksandr removal of the $Id$ svn tag from everywhere NOTE: the git SHA1 may be ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @0917a96   11 years Oleksandr adaptation of dyn_modules/syzextra for spielwiese fix: fixed ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(add) @4f7d76   12 years Oleksandr moved all the user-space syzygy-related stuff into a synamic module ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
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