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(edit) @062583   11 years martinlee84 chg: shift factors of the norm instead of factors over Q(a) jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @f71453   11 years martinlee84 fix: compilation errors with --enable-assertions jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @b2929e7   11 years Oleksandr FIX: factory/ In AlgExtFactorize: 'sqrFreeZ' was not ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @e4fe2b   12 years Oleksandr FIX: Fixed huge BUG in cf_gmp.h CHG: starting to cleanup factory jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @650f2d8   12 years mohamed.barakat renamed assert.h -> cf_assert.h in factory jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @5f9b47   11 years martinlee84 use sqrfree factorization instead of sqrfree part extraction for ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @21b8f4   12 years martinlee84 added new fdivides which also returns the quotient in case of ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @50a2aa9   12 years martinlee84 resultantZ needs polys over Z git-svn-id: ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @9fd0b1   12 years hannes resstore SW_RATIONAL on exit to original value git-svn-id: ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @35eb6c   12 years martinlee84 compute norm now modular changed handling of On (SW_RATIONAL) changed ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @806c18   12 years hannes format git-svn-id: file:///usr/local/Singular/svn/trunk@13655 ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @1b38e5d   13 years martinlee84 added doxygen docu git-svn-id: ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(add) @59a7ca1   13 years martinlee84 added new univariate factorization over algebraic extensions of Q and ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
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