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(edit) @323776f   4 months hannes Revert "fix: gfanlib/configure" This reverts commit ... spielwiese
(edit) @f0d4bd4   4 months hannes fix: gfanlib/configure spielwiese
(edit) @7afda2   5 months max Update files, avoid obsolete syntax spielwiese
(edit) @0c26a1   18 months hannes Revert "update configure stuff": requires autoconf 2.7.1 This reverts ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @69185ce   18 months hannes update configure stuff jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @beaea0e   2 years max Remove old_modgen, modules, factory/old Resolves #687 jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @effb43   3 years hannes cross compiling: gmp jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @d88aa0   3 years hannes simplified: libpolys/configure gfanlib/confihure (-gmp,ntl) jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @24438cc   4 years hannes chng: cross compile (gmp check) jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @3b7b36   6 years erik.bray Updated and files to work on Windows, taking ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @a3a6a0   7 years hannes change library name: libresources -> libsingular_resources jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @7436e9   7 years hannes fix: C++11 check jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @c6279a   7 years hannes chg: support gfanlib with gcc 4.3..4.8 jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @486f84   7 years quatermaster discard undesirable executable bits jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @36cf22   8 years quatermaster autotools chain: common AUX_DIR jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @996cc8   9 years Oleksandr Fixing the problem of regeneration of config headers jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @d46d3c   9 years Oleksandr Better config.h for gfanlib jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @2be649e   9 years Oleksandr Enable AM_MAINTAINER_MODE everywhere jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @bbeddf   9 years Oleksandr Fixed BS: gfanlib/cddlib checking/building/embedding fix: cddlib ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @2ea781   9 years Oleksandr Fixing BS (due to gfanlib) jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @aa6c9cc   9 years Oleksandr Fix BS problem of gfanlib handling jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @68b4d3   9 years hannes porting: gfanlib and gmp 4.0/4.1 (redhat) jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @24aeb0f   9 years hannes fix: cddlib detection for fedora jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @2e473ad   9 years hannes add: fedora places cddlib in cddlib/... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @25761d   9 years Oleksandr Fix BS: AM_SILENT_RULES([yes]) jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @ea5f3f6   10 years Oleksandr Improved BS (configuring) jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @7d160bb   10 years Oleksandr Better compiler flags handling by BS fix: empty default compiler ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @e62a1d   10 years Oleksandr Disable debug by default (separated into m4/options.m4) jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @888b457   10 years hannes fix: adapt to different locations for cdd includes from master jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @5417ff   10 years Oleksandr Added automake BuildSystem jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @26b713   10 years ren chg: updated gfanlib package to newest version in master jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(add) @def863   12 years seelisch included Anders Jensens gfan lib git-svn-id: ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
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