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(edit) @0a26a7   11 months hannes Release-4-3-2p3 fieker-DuValspielwiese Release-4-3-2p3
(edit) @e77add   13 months hannes changes for 4.3.2p2 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @a800fe4   15 months hannes 4.3.2p1: add idDivRem fieker-DuValspielwiese Release-4-3-2p1
(edit) @de205cd   15 months hannes 4-3-2 fieker-DuValspielwiese Release-4-3-2
(edit) @9d9446   18 months hannes 4-3-1p3 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @c858487   19 months chapoton fix many typos in kernel/ fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @2e385d   19 months michael */*.{c,h}: fix invalid function prototypes. The C99 standard does not ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @370a87   22 months hannes 4.3.1p2 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @13640e   2 years hannes 4-3-1 fieker-DuValspielwiese Release-4-3-1
(edit) @c808198   2 years hannes fix: vspace does not work on osx-arm fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @127ab7   2 years hannes fix: memory leak in libstack::pop fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @676e2a0   2 years hannes system("version"): 4300 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @74d235a   2 years hannes 4.2.1p3 fieker-DuValspielwiese Release-4-2-1p3
(edit) @a15b7f   3 years hannes 4.2.1p2 (alpha for 4.3) fieker-DuValspielwiese Release-4-2-1p2
(edit) @07181c   3 years hannes Revert "disable VPACE for __APPLE__" This reverts commit ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @7ecbb49   3 years hannes system("verion"): 4210 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @e0b002   3 years hannes disable VPACE for __APPLE__ fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @07ccb9   3 years hannes 4.2.0p3 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @f4a2d60   3 years hannes 4.2.0p2 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @e3390b   3 years hannes 4.2.0p1 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @284578   3 years hannes version numbers: 4.2.0 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @4b1552   3 years hannes use of vspace vi HAVE_VSPACE fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @779deb   4 years hannes fix nlFarey fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @717f10   4 years hannes fix: also test for libmpfr.* fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @bbbc30   4 years hannes fix: check for mpfr.h fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @08702b   4 years hannes chg: remove FACTORYVERSION - factory is always present fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @2e69cf   4 years hannes 4.1.3p2 fieker-DuValspielwiese Release-4-1-3p2
(edit) @161411   4 years hannes version number 4.1.3p1 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @4c89a2   4 years hannes 4.1.2p5 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @f051930   4 years hannes 4-1-2p4 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @6a2aaf   4 years hannes 4-1-2p3 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @45b4e7   5 years hannes Singular-4.1.2p2: fix "make dist" fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @26aa26   5 years hannes Singular-4.1.2p1 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @3f34dc   5 years hannes code cleanup: F5C (and tests for sba) fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @a14e9f   5 years hannes version number: 4.1.2 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @b1b525   5 years hannes 4.1.1p4 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @c4532ad   6 years hannes 4.1.1p3 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @eb6e1d   6 years hannes Singular-4-1-1p2 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @caf8c6   6 years hannes chg: HAVE_ASSUME -> !SING_NDEBUG fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @bd0e07   6 years hannes fix: julia-debug version fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @1932d5c   6 years hannes fix: julia-debug version: HAVE_ASSUME -> !SING_NDEBUG fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @68df85   6 years hannes version 4.1.1, p1 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @28d883   6 years hannes add error handling of NTL (>=9.3.0) fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @be94d3   7 years hannes Singular4.1.0p4 - zur Feier des Tages fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @7fb70f   7 years hannes add (from 3-1): system("svd",m) fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @aa8a7e   7 years hannes use include ".." for singular related .h, p9 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @39aa7d4   7 years hannes 4.1.0p3: new syntax for syz,lift,liftstd fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @1d8b37   7 years hannes 4.1.0p2 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @99d898f   8 years hannes fix: avoid warning about redef VERSION (omalloc, Singular) fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @3c0710   8 years hannes 4-1-0: sources fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @61141fd   8 years hannes 4.0.3p5 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @007710d   8 years hannes prepare for 4.0.3p4 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @a070b84   8 years hannes Singular 4.0.3p3 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @9bb030   8 years hannes libpolys/misc/ -> libpolys/misc/auxiliary.h fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @b1cef7   8 years hannes fix: typo fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @80f8f6c   8 years quatermaster correct spelling errors as detected by Lintian fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @2524e4   8 years hannes version 4-0-3 for url fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @978443   8 years hannes version 4.0.3 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @fe8ff2   9 years hannes 4-0-2p2: updated emacs files, include singular.hlp/.idx and *.htm fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @430af3   9 years hannes version 4.0.2p1 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @ef657b   9 years hannes candidate for 4-0-2 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @20863c   9 years hannes Singular 4.0.1p2 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @da4424   9 years hannes fix: includes for SINGULAR_4_1 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @454dc14   9 years hannes moved definition of SINGULAR_4_1 to libpolys/misc/auxiliary.h fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @7898d6   10 years hannes Singular 4-0-1-1 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @f281a0   10 years hannes SINGULAR_4_1: string(cnumber), etc fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @18f7ec   10 years hannes fix: HAVE_GMS fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @aae39f   10 years hannes fix: HAVE_EIGENVAL fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @24ba31   10 years hannes fix: HAVE_GMS, HAVE_EIGENVAL do not work in current version fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @db7488   10 years hannes jjSYSTEM: cleanup, format, documentation fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @35d0c19   10 years hannes windows port: removed htmlhelp, sing_win.* fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @75ef29   10 years hannes windows port: help via cygstart fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @f7ced6   10 years hannes version 4-0-1 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @6ad99e7   10 years hannes version 4-0-0.p4 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @c311064   10 years hannes singular_4_1: report version 4100 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @9b12fce   10 years hannes prepare for singular 4-1: cring (currently inactive) fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @daf33c   10 years hannes simplify interpreter tables (removed XS(..), INIT_BUG,PROC_BUG) fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @9f7665   10 years Oleksandr Removed HAVE_CONFIG guards fix: fixed the inclusion of ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @902c92   10 years hannes patch-level fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @7fe9e13   10 years Oleksandr Renamed NDEBUG -> SING_NDEBUG in order to avoid confusion with GCC macro fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @ac6113   10 years hannes fix: version numbers, removed S_VERSION1 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @a9c298   11 years hannes format stuff fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @ba5e9e   11 years Oleksandr Changed configure-scripts to generate individual public config files ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @5179a0   11 years hannes fix: signal handling stuff fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @f052a1   11 years hannes chg: version number: 4-0-0 fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @d818e8   11 years Oleksandr Fix the inclusion of config.h fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @e0c8e34   11 years hannes fix: use only one central configuration file: fix callgfanlib etc. fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @83192d   11 years Oleksandr Fixing the including of "config.h"-files before any other headers + ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @95330f   11 years Oleksandr Switched-off suspicious kernel's functionality: eigenvals and gms ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @d101b1   11 years Oleksandr Motsak <> Silence some warnings about statements without effect Insired by ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @f89565   12 years hannes fix warnings: C++ comments in C code fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @095dee7   12 years Oleksandr Fix: commented out MAX_INT_LEN macro in kernel/mod2.h due to its ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @d828d63   12 years hannes removed MPSR stuff fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @6ce030f   12 years Oleksandr removal of the $Id$ svn tag from everywhere NOTE: the git SHA1 may be ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @7920d2   12 years Oleksandr further deprecation of MP-related stuff! fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @8ecb43   12 years Oleksandr due to legacy Singular: if HAVE_DYNAMIC_LOADING was defined then no ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @1f4998   12 years martinlee84 fix: undef HAVE_EIGENVAL fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @762407   12 years Oleksandr config.h is for sources files only FIX: config.h should only be used ... fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @737b7c8   13 years Oleksandr CHG/ADD: define CHAR_BIT & BIT_SIZEOF_LONG in misc/auxiliary.h fieker-DuValspielwiese
(edit) @d56ad87   13 years Oleksandr ADD: readline detection / usage fieker-DuValspielwiese
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