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(edit) @45cc512   9 years hannes chg: rCharstr is now a wrapper for r->cf->cfCoeffString fixes also: ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @dc4782   9 years hannes chg: factory/libfac is not optional, removing HAVE_FACTORY/HAVE_LIBFAC jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @601105   9 years hannes chg: use syzComp in initenterstrongPairs jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @805db88   9 years Oleksandr Avoid "if ((P)) " since clang treats such statements specially jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @e2202ee   9 years hannes fix: compiler warnings (64bit/const char*) jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @ba5e9e   9 years Oleksandr Changed configure-scripts to generate individual public config files ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @16f511   10 years Oleksandr Fixed the usage of "config.h" (if defined HAVE_CONFIG_H) jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @d8b0997   10 years hannes fix: npInit for large ints jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @6ce030f   11 years Oleksandr removal of the $Id$ svn tag from everywhere NOTE: the git SHA1 may be ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @ce1f78   11 years Oleksandr fixed short/long output of coeffs depending on ShortOut/CanShortOut ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @2f3764   11 years Oleksandr n_Init and p_ISet take a "long" (instead of "int") argument jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @a74143   11 years Oleksandr inverse computation over Zp CHG: simplified extGCD in nvInvMod (due ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @e77676   11 years Oleksandr Zp cleanup (no more coeffs::npPrimeM) CHG: removed coeffs::npPrimeM ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @40e88db   11 years Oleksandr hidden private internal decarations and definitions (nv*) within jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @79020f   11 years Oleksandr fixed arithmetic overflow by rewriting nlModP CHG: nlModP (longrat) ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @ebdaa1   11 years mohamed.barakat minor fixes after last rebase make works make check works jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @03f7b5   11 years Oleksandr ADD: detailed printing vs typing for coeff. domains (mostly - minpoly ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @d663f2   11 years Oleksandr FIX: fixing longrat-related bugs (due to the Uglyness in p_Numbers.h!) jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @bc1fdb   12 years Oleksandr CHG: npInt: result is in -p/2..p/2 due to Singular conventions (Hans!) jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @0461f0   12 years Oleksandr ADD: added sainity tests inside modulop CHG: 'npInt' returns the ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @22a09d   12 years hannes order of includes jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @44d5ad   12 years seelisch added documentation in coeffs.h jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @0afa07   12 years seelisch removed cfPar, cfParDeg, n_Par, n_ParDeg, ndPar, ndParDeg from coeffs jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @73a9ffb   12 years seelisch made sure that ch is properly set everywhere, and ch >= 0; more ASSUMEs jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @f0797c   12 years seelisch char and ringtype related stuff jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @b19ab84   12 years hannes add some missing routines to coeffs jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @c262d5   12 years hannes warnings removed from jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @1983c3   12 years hannes removed unused global vars from fix for coeffs/test-g jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @abb4787   12 years hannes conversion factory <->singular for poly fix coeff tests for factory jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @a934fc8   12 years hannes factory -> number: Q jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @eca225   12 years hannes factory to number: Z/p jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @c7e3d7   12 years hannes cfCoeffWrite introduced jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(edit) @691dba   12 years Oleksandr FIX: use #include "config.h" everywhere jengelh-datetimespielwiese
(add) @014b65   12 years mohamed.barakat - moved misc,reporter,resources,coeffs,polys -> (new) libpolys (Hans ... jengelh-datetimespielwiese
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