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(edit) @a527a41   6 years hannes move *Eati/*EatLong to spielwiese
(edit) @e24fac   6 years hannes fix: ndGcd spielwiese
(edit) @530cbf8   7 years hannes fix: do not use factory for multiplication without conversion routines spielwiese
(edit) @f5f5c9   7 years hannes fix: include path for julia spielwiese
(edit) @a2de54   7 years hannes use double instead of float, longer output spielwiese
(edit) @d2f250   7 years hannes use include ".." for singular related .h, p6 spielwiese
(edit) @da39e4   8 years hannes add: nFindCoeffByName spielwiese
(edit) @75f460   9 years hannes format spielwiese
(edit) @80478a3   9 years Oleksandr Removed duplicating debugging nPrint from kernel/numeric (in favor of ... spielwiese
(edit) @ac000b6   9 years Oleksandr Fix nd* functions to be only used for default initialization of ... spielwiese
(edit) @43d920   10 years hannes removed cfName and related spielwiese
(edit) @ec89bb4   10 years hannes chg: nNeg -> nInpNeg, also n_InpNeg, cfInpNeg spielwiese
(edit) @ed371e   10 years hannes chg: add n_Ann, remove some nIntDiv, remove nIntDiv spielwiese
(edit) @2b7e8f   10 years hannes chg: nGcd ->n_Gcd spielwiese
(edit) @6ce030f   12 years Oleksandr removal of the $Id$ svn tag from everywhere NOTE: the git SHA1 may be ... spielwiese
(edit) @de88371   12 years Oleksandr Added stubs for putting the actual code (TODO!), where required (i.e. ... spielwiese
(edit) @ce1f78   12 years Oleksandr fixed short/long output of coeffs depending on ShortOut/CanShortOut ... spielwiese
(edit) @4b38e3   12 years Oleksandr coeffs: removed nInternalChar in favour of n_GetChar spielwiese
(edit) @f0a8c59   13 years Oleksandr FIX: pNorm, was a macro => wrong method name... :/ FIX: nGcd may need ... spielwiese
(edit) @c6e80e   13 years Oleksandr FIX: should be a header: kInline.h ADD: nGcd/pDeg can be ... spielwiese
(edit) @6ed8c4   13 years martinlee84 added const ring to some functions in linearAlgebra.* (TODO complete ... spielwiese
(edit) @0afa07   13 years seelisch removed cfPar, cfParDeg, n_Par, n_ParDeg, ndPar, ndParDeg from coeffs spielwiese
(edit) @121fd9   13 years hannes add: ndCoeffsIsEqual: generic case,parameter unsed fix: some "unused ... spielwiese
(edit) @2544e7   13 years hannes new: ndInit_bigint: no conversion, report error spielwiese
(edit) @577888   13 years hannes add ndKillChar to n_R, n_Q spielwiese
(edit) @f70f641   13 years hannes - rSum, rCopy0: uses now coeffs - some unused variables removed in ... spielwiese
(edit) @6c084af   13 years Oleksandr ADD: CoeffWrite for n_R ( ADD: test function pointers ... spielwiese
(edit) @e5422d   13 years Oleksandr fixed zero divisior issue in Z/2^mZ coauthor: Frank Seelisch ... spielwiese
(edit) @32d07a5   13 years Oleksandr Adding/Fixing currRing for non-commutative stuff spielwiese
(edit) @0ef3f51   13 years hannes moved compatiblity stuff to number.h moved public stuff (tersts) to ... spielwiese
(edit) @35eaf8   13 years mohamed.barakat - update the build system to build - change macros to ... spielwiese
(add) @014b65   13 years mohamed.barakat - moved misc,reporter,resources,coeffs,polys -> (new) libpolys (Hans ... spielwiese
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