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#67 No weights will be given to module maps in homogeneous resolutions new res, syz, isHomog, size hannes bug critical
#129 to do's for Singular manual (after release 3-1-0) new manual decker task critical
#146 issues of parallel computing in/with SINGULAR new somebody proposed feature critical
#850 ffsolve need huge resources and return wrong result new somebody bug critical
#165 Wishlist: SCA TODOs new sca, nc, wish Oleksandr proposed feature major
#175 [Wishlist from Aachen] control of the L() ordering new hannes proposed feature major
#179 modernized/improved build process for SINGULAR new build process kai.krueger@… proposed feature major
#180 documentation in/of SINGULAR new documentation dreyer task major
#193 critreria for std/syz/liftstd new hannes proposed feature major
#205 some SINGULAR language suggestions new language interpreter decker@… proposed feature major
#216 use buckets in sca_bba new Oleksandr proposed feature major
#256 two problems with solve.lib new solve keilen@… bug major
#292 Groebner basis test new Groebner basis steenpass proposed feature major
#293 polynomial solving new polynomial solving steidel proposed feature major
#322 no attribute of attributes... new hannes proposed feature major
#332 libSingular fails to build on gcc 4.6 new libSingular burcin bug major
#375 std takes much longer for the same ideal, but with one more variable in the basering new std Oleksandr bug major
#417 Sheaf cohomology commands based on local duality are not correct for 0th cohomology new decker bug major
#423 syntax for matrices over coefficient domains new matrix somebody proposed feature major
#436 Inconsitent Euclidean operations in Z new Oleksandr proposed feature major
#569 bug in normalC? new bug normalC norTest somebody bug major
#638 ffsolve.lib gives run time errors and wrong solutions new ffsolve hannes bug major
#803 Can have a module have two different Hilbert series ?? new Hilbert series, minbase hannes bug major
#841 Matrix ordering being mistaken as non-global new somebody bug major
#864 Minimal associated primes for polynomial ideals can hang unexpectedly new somebody bug major
#52 DBM-Links not working on dynamically linked x86_64 new dreyer bug minor
#60 old bugs in modgen new modgen dreyer task minor
#78 functionality "surfer" under Windows OS new surfer, Windows hmeyer@… proposed feature minor
#122 workaround for primary decomposition in quotient rings new decker@… proposed feature minor
#155 SINGULAR procedure for computing the generic initial ideal new generic initial ideal decker@… proposed feature minor
#184 detailed PLURAL wishlist: Hilbert polynomial of graded ideals/modules new PLURAL Hilbert polynomial Oleksandr proposed feature minor
#185 detailed PLURAL wishlist: Hilbert-driven Buchberger new PLURAL Hilbert-driven std Oleksandr proposed feature minor
#187 detailed PLURAL wishlist: special GB for homogenized objects (on-the-fly saturation) new homogenization saturation Oleksandr proposed feature minor
#188 detailed PLURAL wishlist: move computation of Ann(f^s) from lib to kernel new annihilator Oleksandr proposed feature minor
#189 detailed PLURAL wishlist: generalization of finduni to G-algebras new finduni Oleksandr proposed feature minor
#201 problem 32 bit vs. 64 bit (when running toric.lib) new 32bit 64bit hannes bug minor
#215 wrong result of PH_ais (phindex.lib) for some instances? new phais phindex.lib decker@… bug minor
#218 int overflow in vdim new hannes bug minor
#229 two segfaults when using resolve.lib (blowUp) new resolve anne@… bug minor
#242 Proposed Enhancement: Update Makefile of factory to allow building of both libcf.a and libsingcf.a new hannes proposed feature minor
#264 facstd does not divide by content new hannes bug minor
#265 odd behaviour of normal(I) in 3-1-x in comparison to 3-0-4 new slaplagne@… bug minor
#272 modstd for modified cyclic5: still running after 140 hours new modstd steidel@… proposed feature minor
#274 lib2doc: TeX-commands need to be quoted in info-string for libraries new hannes bug minor
#277 write verursacht ein Segment fault/Bus error new hannes bug minor
#286 signal 11 with message "please inform the authors" new hres, memory corruption hannes bug minor
#289 degBound coupled with elim1 question new degBound, eliminate hannes bug minor
#301 char set slower in 3.1.0 compared to 3.0.4?? new char sets, minimal primes levandov bug minor
#305 missing documentation for gmspoly.lib::isTame(poly) new isTame mschulze@… proposed feature minor
#321 "apt-get update Singular" doesn't work new hovinen@… bug minor
#327 local/mixed monomial orderings over ground rings new local ordering, ring decker proposed feature minor
#345 Primdecint.lib capabilities new height of ideals pfister bug minor
#362 problem with syzygies over Z/nZ in the presence of zerodivisors new syzygies over rings with zerodivisors wienand bug minor
#363 hilb is buggy with free modules of rank > 1 new hannes bug minor
#364 Problem with free summands (related to #363) new hannes bug minor
#365 morsesplit in classify.lib crashes new classify.lib, morsesplit pfister bug minor
#370 Classify.lib doesn't give a normal form for singularity type X[1,3]. new classify.lib, student project pfister bug minor
#372 classify() from classify.lib gives a different result after simple transformation new classify.lib, student project pfister bug minor
#373 basicinvariants() from classify.lib gives worng determinacy new classify.lib, student project pfister bug minor
#374 Rational Univariate Representation new student project steenpas proposed feature minor
#388 attributes get lost when playing with lists new attrib hannes bug minor
#390 Singular interpreter shows different behaviour for procedures and kernel commands new interpreter hannes bug minor
#394 improving farey new farey burcin proposed feature minor
#416 Is kernel/GMPrat.* distributeable? new decker bug minor
#421 Reduce over the integers new integer reduce pfister proposed feature minor
#435 Extension polybori.lib assigned dreyer proposed feature minor
#447 normalI in reesclos.lib and monomial orderings new decker bug minor
#451 Segment fault/Bus error using slimgb new decker bug minor
#454 extend proc changevar and others for rings with minpoly new somebody proposed feature minor
#474 insufficient develloped from hnexpansion new hnexpansion pfister bug minor
#475 possibly incorrect result of toric_ideal() new toric ideal algorithm ren bug minor
#483 omalloc alignment wrong on 32-bit SPARC assigned hannes bug minor
#491 Wrong constant factor in absFactorize new decker bug minor
#497 Cannot install Singular rpm on Fedora 19 new mschulze bug minor
#511 list assignment from returned reference (forbidden/incorrect) new reference list return bug assignment hannes bug minor
#522 sym_gauss() from linalg.lib crashes new mschulze bug minor
#539 clean ring mapping code in Primdec::zeroRad new somebody proposed feature minor
#575 towards replacing primdecint::stdZ() by std() new replacing stdZ by std somebody proposed feature minor
#602 assign too long a list to a bigintmat new somebody bug minor
#614 inconsistency in handling size of free resolution new Oleksandr bug minor
#651 slimgb() takes more than four times longer in Singular 4.0.1 than in 3.1.7 (non-commutative example) new Oleksandr bug minor
#653 content (poly.lib) not working properly over integers new popescu bug minor
#654 result of std() not unique for ls ordering + redSB new hannes bug minor
#675 bug in reszeta new reszeta infinity point euler characteristic bug anne bug minor
#691 Computation of a resolution that seems incorrect:, ideal C=z^11-x*y*(x^10-y^3); new anne bug minor
#692 Computation of a resolution that seems incorrect:, ideal C=z^5-x*y*(x^4-y^7); new anne bug minor
#693 Computation of a resolution that seems incorrect:, ideal C=z^7-x*y*(x^6-y^5); new anne bug minor
#694 Computation of a resolution that seems incorrect:, ideal C=z^3+x^2*y^2*z+x^4+y^4; new anne bug minor
#708 singular-dev package on jim contains architecture dependent (32bit) headers new ubuntu, package mschulze bug minor
#717 resolution inconsistencies assigned Oleksandr bug minor
#729 Interrupt option "a" does not always return to prompt new somebody proposed feature minor
#730 CTRL-C sometimes interrupts command *after* interrupt new somebody bug minor
#737 hermiteNormalForm() not correct new somebody bug minor
#744 normal.lib: example in char 2 for which normalP() or norTest() is wrong new normalP norTest bug laplagne bug minor
#750 Bug in computing the Hilbert series of an ideal of minors in a matrix reopened somebody bug minor
#763 betti() gives 'not a resolvent' for proper complex reopened somebody bug minor
#766 revival of ticket 744: bug in normalP() or norTest() (normal.lib) new bug normalP norTest laplagne bug minor
#789 surf vs surf-alggeo new hannes bug minor
#793 resolve + intersectionDiv fails new anne bug minor
#794 configure script is unable to locate NTL new hannes bug minor
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