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#205 some SINGULAR language suggestions new language interpreter decker@… proposed feature major
#293 polynomial solving new polynomial solving steidel proposed feature major
#332 libSingular fails to build on gcc 4.6 new libSingular burcin bug major
#803 Can have a module have two different Hilbert series ?? new Hilbert series, minbase hannes bug major
#78 functionality "surfer" under Windows OS new surfer, Windows hmeyer@… proposed feature minor
#155 SINGULAR procedure for computing the generic initial ideal new generic initial ideal decker@… proposed feature minor
#189 detailed PLURAL wishlist: generalization of finduni to G-algebras new finduni Oleksandr proposed feature minor
#215 wrong result of PH_ais (phindex.lib) for some instances? new phais phindex.lib decker@… bug minor
#289 degBound coupled with elim1 question new degBound, eliminate hannes bug minor
#301 char set slower in 3.1.0 compared to 3.0.4?? new char sets, minimal primes levandov bug minor
#327 local/mixed monomial orderings over ground rings new local ordering, ring decker proposed feature minor
#362 problem with syzygies over Z/nZ in the presence of zerodivisors new syzygies over rings with zerodivisors wienand bug minor
#390 Singular interpreter shows different behaviour for procedures and kernel commands new interpreter hannes bug minor
#421 Reduce over the integers new integer reduce pfister proposed feature minor
#575 towards replacing primdecint::stdZ() by std() new replacing stdZ by std somebody proposed feature minor
#675 bug in reszeta new reszeta infinity point euler characteristic bug anne bug minor
#799 minres() does not minimize first module new minres decker bug minor
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