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#188 detailed PLURAL wishlist: move computation of Ann(f^s) from lib to kernel new annihilator Oleksandr proposed feature minor
#569 bug in normalC? new bug normalC norTest somebody bug major
#766 revival of ticket 744: bug in normalP() or norTest() (normal.lib) new bug normalP norTest laplagne bug minor
#365 morsesplit in classify.lib crashes new classify.lib, morsesplit pfister bug minor
#286 signal 11 with message "please inform the authors" new hres, memory corruption hannes bug minor
#327 local/mixed monomial orderings over ground rings new local ordering, ring decker proposed feature minor
#744 normal.lib: example in char 2 for which normalP() or norTest() is wrong new normalP norTest bug laplagne bug minor
#362 problem with syzygies over Z/nZ in the presence of zerodivisors new syzygies over rings with zerodivisors wienand bug minor
#475 possibly incorrect result of toric_ideal() new toric ideal algorithm ren bug minor
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