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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#129 to do's for Singular manual (after release 3-1-0) new task critical 3-1-1 doc
#327 local/mixed monomial orderings over ground rings new proposed feature minor 3-1-4 and higher singular-kernel
#416 Is kernel/GMPrat.* distributeable? new bug minor 3-1-5 and higher singular-kernel
#417 Sheaf cohomology commands based on local duality are not correct for 0th cohomology new bug major 3-1-5 and higher singular-libs
#447 normalI in reesclos.lib and monomial orderings new bug minor 3-1-5 and higher singular-libs
#451 Segment fault/Bus error using slimgb new bug minor 3-1-5 and higher dontKnow
#491 Wrong constant factor in absFactorize new bug minor 3-2-0 and higher singular-libs
#799 minres() does not minimize first module new bug minor 4-2-0 and higher singular-kernel
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