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new Option -f vor ESingular

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I would like to have the option to start ESingular for editing a library.


emacs --help 
Usage: emacs [OPTION-OR-FILENAME]...

Action options:
FILE                    visit FILE using find-file

--load, -l FILE         load FILE of Emacs Lisp code using the load function


ESingular --help
ESingular: A Program that starts-up Singular within emacs, for
Singular version 3-1-1 -- a CAS for polynomial computations. Usage:
   ESingular [options] [file1 [file2 ...]]

By default, emacs considers a file as some text to be edited (find-file)

To interpret an lisp text the option -l (load-file) is needed.

With Singular it is opposite. By default, "ESinguar file" interprets the file (load-fiel) as Singular code.

But the corresponding option ESingular -f libarary.sing is missing.

So I want to have the option to visit a FILE or libraryusing find-file

  ESingular -f mylib.lib 

should split the window vertically, with Singular running in the left and the file.sing or libary.lib in the right window


  ESingular file.sing -f libary.lib 

should load file.sing and visit with find-file library.lib

B.T.W:: From the help string:

-r --random=SEED         Seed random generator with integer (integer) SEED

There is a duplicate "integer", strike one out did you mean "positive integer"?

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