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#286 new bug

signal 11 with message "please inform the authors"

Reported by: jib@… Owned by: hannes
Priority: minor Milestone: 3-1-2 and higher
Component: singular-kernel Version: 3-1-1
Keywords: hres, memory corruption Cc:


> ring r=0,(x,y,z),dp;
> poly f=x9y+y18z+z14;
> intvec w=qhweight(f);
> ring r=0,(x,y,z),wp(w);
> poly f=x9y+y18z+z14;
> ideal j=jacob(f);
> resolution re=hres(j,3);
> re[1];
Singular : signal 11 (v: 3119/2010022613):
current line:>>re[1];<<
Segment fault/Bus error occurred (r:1286455889)
please inform the authors
trying to restart...

Cygwin on XP (SP3)
Intel Core2Duo
E8400 @ 3GHz
Physical Address Extension

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comment:1 Changed 14 years ago by Oleksandr

seems to be a memory corruption. here is the gdb backtrace for Singularg:

> ring r=0,(x,y,z),dp;
> poly f=x9y+y18z+z14;
> intvec w=qhweight(f);
> ring r=0,(x,y,z),wp(w);
// ** redefining r **
> poly f=x9y+y18z+z14;
> ideal j=jacob(f);
> basering;
//   characteristic : 0
//   number of vars : 3
//        block   1 : ordering wp
//                  : names    x y z
//                  : weights  239 117 162
//        block   2 : ordering C
> j;
> resolution re=hres(j,3);
***omError_FreedAddrOrMemoryCorrupted: addr had previosuly been freed  or memory corrupted
 occured at:  omDebug.c:47
 occured for addr:0x7fe9521a9150 size:40
// ***dPolyError: memory error 
 occured at
 occured for poly: Singular : signal 11 (v: 3115/ exported ):
current line:>>resolution re=hres(j,3);<<
Segment fault/Bus error occurred at 7fe952198268 because of 10282 (r:1286464849)
please inform the authors
(gdb) bt
#0  debug (method=0) at
#1  0x000000000056a13e in sigsegv_handler (sig=11, s=...) at
#2  <signal handler called>
#3  0x000000000062e011 in p_wrp (p=0x7fe9521a9150, lmRing=0x7fe952198268, tailRing=0x7fe952198268) at
#4  0x000000000069b0f3 in p_wrp (p=0x7fe9521a9150, p_ring=0x7fe952198268) at ../kernel/pInline2.h:769
#5  0x000000000069b9d4 in dPolyReportError (p=0x7fe9521a9150, r=0x7fe952198268, fmt=0x8a8f21 "%s ") at
#6  0x000000000069c03b in _p_Test (p=0x7fe9521a9150, r=0x7fe952198268, level=0) at
#7  0x000000000069c7ec in _pp_Test (p=0x7fe9521a9150, lmRing=0x7fe952198268, tailRing=0x7fe952198268, level=0) at
#8  0x00000000005afecd in idRankFreeModule (s=0x7fe95219f190, lmRing=0x7fe952198268, tailRing=0x7fe952198268) at
#9  0x00000000004d417f in idRankFreeModule (m=0x7fe95219f190, r=0x7fe952198268) at ../kernel/ideals.h:105
#10 0x000000000058d871 in hInit (S=0x7fe95219f190, Q=0x0, Nexist=0xb71550, tailRing=0x7fe952198268) at
#11 0x000000000058c79a in hSeries (S=0x7fe95219f190, modulweight=0x0, notstc=0, wdegree=0x0, Q=0x0, tailRing=0x7fe952198268) at
#12 0x000000000058d252 in hHstdSeries (S=0x7fe95219f190, modulweight=0x0, wdegree=0x0, Q=0x0, tailRing=0x7fe952198268) at
#13 0x0000000000665cd8 in sySetNewHilb (syzstr=0x7fe952152400, toSub=0, index=2, actord=35) at
#14 0x00000000006670fc in syHilb (arg=0x7fe9521976d0, length=0x7fff31000cfc) at
#15 0x00000000004c34a1 in jjRES (res=0x7fff31003bb0, u=0x7fff31000f38, v=0x7fff31000fa8) at
#16 0x00000000004d0838 in iiExprArith2 (res=0x7fff31003bb0, a=0x7fff31000f38, op=440, b=0x7fff31000fa8, proccall=1) at
#17 0x0000000000508804 in yyparse () at grammar.y:670
#18 0x00000000004b98c6 in main (argc=1, argv=0x7fff31004fa8) at

ps: 64-bit Linux, latest Singular

comment:2 Changed 14 years ago by Oleksandr

Component: dontKnowsingular-kernel
Keywords: hres memory corruption added; Segment fault Bus error removed
Owner: changed from somebody to hannes
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