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Confusing version numbers

Reported by: jdemeyer Owned by: somebody
Priority: minor Milestone: 4-2-0 and higher
Component: dontKnow Version: 4-1-1
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Singular uses version numbers like 4.1.1p3. These four levels of versioning are really overkill, very few projects have so many levels.

Even worse is that there seems to be little semantics in the version number: the upgrade from 4.1.1p2 to 4.1.1p3 was a big upgrade with non-trivial changes. I would not call it a bug-fix or patch release.

For this reason, it would probably be better for Singular to move to a two-level versioning scheme (4.1, 4.2). Unless you plan to make true bug-fix releases, then you can add a third level (4.1.2).

While you could argue that you don't want to care about versioning, it's more and more expected for open source/free software packages to use semantic versions (see Even if you don't want to follow semver strictly, there is still an expectation that an upgrade A.B.C -> A.B.(C+1) should be really small and be unlikely to introduce breakage.

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