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D.3.1 matrix_lib

Elementary Matrix Operations


D.3.1.1 compress  matrix, zero columns from A deleted
D.3.1.2 concat  matrix, concatenation of matrices A1,A2,...
D.3.1.3 diag  matrix, nxn diagonal matrix with entries poly p
D.3.1.4 dsum  matrix, direct sum of matrices A1,A2,...
D.3.1.5 flatten  ideal, generated by entries of matrix A
D.3.1.6 genericmat  generic nxm matrix [entries from id]
D.3.1.7 is_complex  1 if list c is a complex, 0 if not
D.3.1.8 outer  matrix, outer product of matrices A and B
D.3.1.9 power  matrix/intmat, n-th power of matrix/intmat A
D.3.1.10 skewmat  generic skew-symmetric nxn matrix [entries from id]
D.3.1.11 submat  submatrix of A with rows/cols specified by intvec r/c
D.3.1.12 symmat  generic symmetric nxn matrix [entries from id]
D.3.1.13 unitmat  unit square matrix of size n
D.3.1.14 gauss_col  transform a matrix into col-reduced Gauss normal form
D.3.1.15 gauss_row  transform a matrix into row-reduced Gauss normal form
D.3.1.16 addcol  add p*(c1-th col) to c2-th column of matrix A, p poly
D.3.1.17 addrow  add p*(r1-th row) to r2-th row of matrix A, p poly
D.3.1.18 multcol  multiply c-th column of A with poly p
D.3.1.19 multrow  multiply r-th row of A with poly p
D.3.1.20 permcol  permute i-th and j-th columns
D.3.1.21 permrow  permute i-th and j-th rows
D.3.1.22 rowred  reduction of matrix A with elementary row-operations
D.3.1.23 colred  reduction of matrix A with elementary col-operations
D.3.1.24 linear_relations  find linear relations between homogeneous vectors
D.3.1.25 rm_unitrow  remove unit rows and associated columns of A
D.3.1.26 rm_unitcol  remove unit columns and associated rows of A
D.3.1.27 headStand  A[n-i+1,m-j+1]:=A[i,j]
D.3.1.28 symmetricBasis  basis of k-th symmetric power of n-dim v.space
D.3.1.29 exteriorBasis  basis of k-th exterior power of n-dim v.space
D.3.1.30 symmetricPower  k-th symmetric power of a module/matrix A
D.3.1.31 exteriorPower  k-th exterior power of a module/matrix A