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D.5.5 resbinomial_lib


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  • bad names(or should be static): identifyvars, elimrep, convertdata, lcmofall, genoutput, salida, iniD, reslist, sumlist, dividelist, createlist

Combinatorial algorithm of resolution of singularities of binomial ideals in arbitrary characteristic. Binomial resolution algorithm of Blanco

R. Blanco, mariarocio.blanco@uclm.es,
G. Pfister, pfister@mathematik.uni-kl.de


D.5.5.1 BINresol  computes a E-resolution of singularities of (J) (THE SECOND PART IS NOT IMPLEMENTED YET)
D.5.5.2 Eresol  computes a E-resolution of singularities of (J) in char 0
D.5.5.3 determinecenter  computes the next blowing-up center
D.5.5.4 Blowupcenter  makes the blowing-up
D.5.5.5 Nonhyp  computes the ideal generated by the non hyperbolic generators of expJ
D.5.5.6 identifyvar  identifies status of variables
D.5.5.7 Edatalist  gives the E-order of each term in Exp
D.5.5.8 EOrdlist  computes the E-order of an ideal (giving in the language of lists)
D.5.5.9 maxEord  computes de maximum E-order of an ideal given by Coef and Exp
D.5.5.10 ECoef  Computes a simplified version of the E-Coeff ideal. The E-orders are correct, but tranformations of coefficients of the generators and powers of binomials cannot be computed easily in terms of lists.
D.5.5.11 elimrep  removes repeated terms from a list
D.5.5.12 Emaxcont  computes a list of hypersurfaces of E-maximal contact
D.5.5.13 cleanunit  clean the units in a monomial mon
D.5.5.14 resfunction  composes the E-resolution function
D.5.5.15 calculateI  computes the order of the non monomial part of an ideal J
D.5.5.16 Maxord  computes the maximum exponent of an exceptional monomial ideal
D.5.5.17 Gamma  computes the Gamma function for an exceptional monomial ideal given by L
D.5.5.18 convertdata  computes the ideal corresponding to C,L
D.5.5.19 lcmofall  computes the lcm of the denominators of the E-orders for all the charts
D.5.5.20 computemcm  computes the lcm of the denominators of the E-orders for one chart
D.5.5.21 constructH  construct the list of exceptional divisors accumulated at this chart
D.5.5.22 constructblwup  construct the ideal defining the map K[W] --> K[Wi], which gives the composition map of all the blowing up leading to this chart
D.5.5.23 constructlastblwup  construct the ideal defining the last blowup leading to this chart
D.5.5.24 genoutput  generates the output for visualization
D.5.5.25 salida  generates the output for one chart
D.5.5.26 iniD  creates a list of lists of zeros of size n
D.5.5.27 sumlist  sums two lists component to component
D.5.5.28 reslist  subtracts two lists component to component
D.5.5.29 multiplylist  multiplies a list by a number, component to component
D.5.5.30 dividelist  divides two lists component to component
D.5.5.31 createlist  creates a list of lists of two elements