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D.6.3 classify_lib

Arnold Classifier of Singularities
Kai Krueger, krueger@mathematik.uni-kl.de

A library for classifying isolated hypersurface singularities w.r.t. right equivalence, based on the determinator of singularities by V.I. Arnold.


D.6.3.1 basicinvariants  computes Milnor number, determinacy-bound and corank of
D.6.3.2 classify  normal form of polynomial f determined with Arnold's method
D.6.3.3 corank  computes the corank of f (i.e. of the Hessian of f)
D.6.3.4 Hcode  coding of intvec v acoording to the number repetitions
D.6.3.5 init_debug  print trace and debugging information depending on int n
D.6.3.6 internalfunctions  display names of internal procedures of this library
D.6.3.7 milnorcode  Hilbert polynomial of [e-th] Milnor algebra coded with Hcode
D.6.3.8 morsesplit  residual part of f after applying the splitting lemma
D.6.3.9 quickclass  normal form of f determined by invariants (milnorcode)
D.6.3.10 singularity  normal form of singularity given by its name s and index
D.6.3.11 A_L  shortcut for quickclass(f) or normalform(s)
D.6.3.12 normalform  normal form of singularity given by its name s
D.6.3.13 debug_log  print trace and debugging information w.r.t level>@DeBug
D.6.3.14 swap  swaps the arguments
D.6.3.15 modality  modality of the singularity
D.6.3.16 complexSingType  complex type of the singularity as a string
D.6.3.17 prepRealclassify  the modality and the complex type of the singularity at once
See also: realclassify_lib.