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D.6.11.20 further_hn_proc

Procedure from library hnoether.lib (see hnoether_lib).


The library hnoether.lib contains some more procedures which are not shown when typing help hnoether.lib;. They may be useful for interactive use (e.g. if you want to do the calculation of an HN development "by hand" to see the intermediate results), and they can be enumerated by calling further_hn_proc().
Use help <procedure>; for detailed information about each of them.

LIB "hnoether.lib";
==>  The following procedures are also part of `hnoether.lib':
==>  getnm(f);           intersection pts. of Newton polygon with axes
==>  T_Transform(f,Q,N); returns f(y,xy^Q)/y^NQ (f: poly, Q,N: int)
==>  T1_Transform(f,d,M); returns f(x,y+d*x^M)  (f: poly,d:number,M:int)
==>  T2_Transform(f,d,M,N,ref);   a composition of T1 & T
==>  koeff(f,I,J);       gets coefficient of indicated monomial of polynomial\
==>  redleit(f,S,E);     restriction of monomials of f to line (S-E)
==>  leit(f,n,m);        special case of redleit (for irred. polynomials)
==>  testreducible(f,n,m); tests whether f is reducible
==>  charPoly(f,M,N);    characteristic polynomial of f
==>  find_in_list(L,p);  find int p in list L
==>  get_last_divisor(M,N); last divisor in Euclid's algorithm
==>  factorfirst(f,M,N); try to factor f without `factorize'
==>  factorlist(L);      factorize a list L of polynomials
==>  referencepoly(D);   a polynomial f s.t. D is the Newton diagram of f