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4.22 vector

Vectors are elements of a free module over the basering with basis gen(1), gen(2), ... . Like polynomials they can only be defined or accessed with respect to the basering. Each vector belongs to a free module of rank equal to the biggest index of a generator with non-zero coefficient. Since generators with zero coefficients need not be written any vector may be considered also as an element of a free module of higher rank. (E.g., if f and g are polynomials then f*gen(1)+g*gen(3)+gen(4) may also be written as [f,0,g,1] or as [f,0,g,1,0].) Note that the elements of a vector have to be surrounded by square brackets ([ , ]) (cf. Representation of mathematical objects).

4.22.1 vector declarations  
4.22.2 vector expressions  
4.22.3 vector operations  
4.22.4 vector related functions