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D.8.2 presolve_lib

Pre-Solving of Polynomial Equations
Gert-Martin Greuel, email: greuel@mathematik.uni-kl.de,


D.8.2.1 degreepart  elements of id of total degree >= d1 and <= d2, and rest
D.8.2.2 elimlinearpart  linear part eliminated from id
D.8.2.3 elimpart  partial elimination of vars [among first n vars]
D.8.2.4 elimpartanyr  factors of p partially eliminated from i in any ring
D.8.2.5 fastelim  fast elimination of factors of p from i [options]
D.8.2.6 findvars  variables occuring/not occurring in id
D.8.2.7 hilbvec  intvec of Hilberseries of id [in char c and ord o]
D.8.2.8 linearpart  elements of id of total degree <=1
D.8.2.9 tolessvars  maps id to new basering having only vars occuring in id
D.8.2.10 solvelinearpart  reduced std-basis of linear part of id
D.8.2.11 sortandmap  map to new basering with vars sorted w.r.t. complexity
D.8.2.12 sortvars  sort vars w.r.t. complexity in id [different blocks]
D.8.2.13 valvars  valuation of vars w.r.t. to their complexity in id
D.8.2.14 idealSplit  a list of ideals such that their intersection has the same radical as id