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D.9.4.3 plotRotatedList

Procedure from library surfex.lib (see surfex_lib).

plotRotatedList(list varieties, list coords, list #)
This opens the external program surfex for drawing the surfaces given by varieties, seen as a surface in the real affine space with coordinates coords. The optional int parameter can be used to set plotting quality.

coords is a list of three variables, varieties is a list of ideals describing the varieties to be shown.
The basering is of characteristic zero and without parameters.

LIB "surfex.lib";
// A cubic surface together with a tritangent plane
// (i.e. a plane which cuts out three lines).
ring r = 0, (x,y,z), dp;
poly cayley_cubic = x^3+y^3+z^3+1^3-1/4*(x+y+z+1)^3;
poly plane = 1-x-y-z;
plotRotatedList(list(cayley_cubic, plane), list(x,y,z));
// The same cubic and plane.
// The plane is not shown but only its intersection with the surface.
plotRotatedList(list(cayley_cubic, ideal(cayley_cubic, plane)), list(x,y,z));