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D.11.2.14 controlExample

Procedure from library control.lib (see control_lib).

controlExample(s); s a string


set up an example from the mini database by initalizing a ring and a module in a ring

in order to see the list of available examples, execute controlExample("show");
To use an example, one has to do the following. Suppose one calls the ring, where the example will be activated, A. Then, by executing
def A = controlExample("Antenna"); and setring A;,
A will become a basering from the example "Antenna" with the predefined system module R (transposed). After that one can just execute control(R); respectively autonom(R); to perform the control resp. autonomy analysis of R.

LIB "control.lib";
controlExample("show");   // let us see all available examples:
==> The list of examples:
==> name: Cauchy1,  desc: 1-dimensional Cauchy equation
==> name: Cauchy2,  desc: 2-dimensional Cauchy equation
==> name: Control1,  desc: example of a simple noncontrollable system
==> name: Control2,  desc: example of a simple controllable system
==> name: Antenna,  desc: antenna
==> name: Einstein,  desc: Einstein equations in vacuum
==> name: FlexibleRod,  desc: flexible rod
==> name: TwoPendula,  desc: two pendula mounted on a cart
==> name: WindTunnel,  desc: wind tunnel
==> name: Zerz1,  desc: example from the lecture of Eva Zerz
def B = controlExample("TwoPendula"); // let us set up a particular example
setring B;
==> (m1*L1)*Dt^2,             (m2*L2)*Dt^2,             -1,(m1+m2+M)*Dt^2,
==> (m1*L1^2)*Dt^2+(-m1*g*L1),0,                        0, (m1*L1)*Dt^2,  
==> 0,                        (m2*L2^2)*Dt^2+(-m2*g*L2),0, (m2*L2)*Dt^2