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D.13.2.1 polymakePolytope

Procedure from library polymake.lib (see polymake_lib).

polymakePolytope(points); polytope intmat

each row of points gives the coordinates of a lattice point of a polytope with their affine coordinates as given by the output of secondaryPolytope

the procedure calls polymake to compute the vertices of the polytope as well as its dimension and information on its facets

list, L with four entries
L[1] : an integer matrix whose rows are the coordinates of vertices of the polytope
L[2] : the dimension of the polytope
L[3] : a list whose ith entry explains to which vertices the ith vertex of the Newton polytope is connected
-- i.e. L[3][i] is an integer vector and an entry k in there means that the vertex L[1][i] is connected to the vertex L[1][k]
L[4] : an matrix of type bigintmat whose rows mulitplied by (1,var(1),...,var(nvar)) give a linear system of equations describing the affine hull of the polytope,
i.e. the smallest affine space containing the polytope

- for its computations the procedure calls the program polymake by Ewgenij Gawrilow, TU Berlin and Michael Joswig, TU Darmstadt; it therefore is necessary that this program is installed in order to use this procedure;
see http://www.polymake.org/
- note that in the vertex edge graph we have changed the polymake convention which starts indexing its vertices by zero while we start with one !

LIB "polymake.lib";
==> Welcome to polymake version
==> Copyright (c) 1997-2015
==> Ewgenij Gawrilow, Michael Joswig (TU Darmstadt)
==> http://www.polymake.org
// the lattice points of the unit square in the plane
list points=intvec(0,0),intvec(0,1),intvec(1,0),intvec(1,1);
// the secondary polytope of this lattice point configuration is computed
intmat secpoly=secondaryPolytope(points)[1];
==> Evaluating Commandline Options ...
==> ... done.
==> 0
==> 0
list np=polymakePolytope(secpoly);
==> polymake: used package ppl
==>   The Parma Polyhedra Library (PPL): A C++ library for convex polyhedra
==>   and other numerical abstractions.
==>   http://www.cs.unipr.it/ppl/
// the vertices of the secondary polytope are:
==> 2,1,1,2,
==> 1,2,2,1
// its dimension is
==> 1
// np[3] contains information how the vertices are connected to each other,
// e.g. the first vertex (number 0) is connected to the second one
==> 2
// the affine hull has the equation
ring r=0,x(1..4),dp;
matrix M[5][1]=1,x(1),x(2),x(3),x(4);
==> _[1,1]=-x(3)-x(4)+3
==> _[2,1]=x(1)-x(4)
==> _[3,1]=x(2)-x(3)