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5.1.77 LIB

LIB string_expression;
reads a library of procedures from a file. In contrast to the command load, the procedures from the library are added to the package Top as well as the package corresponding to the library. If the given filename does not start with . or / and cannot be located in the current directory, each directory contained in the library SearchPath is searched for file of this name. See Loading a library, for more info on SearchPath.

Note on standard.lib:
Unless SINGULAR is started with the --no-stdlib option, the library standard.lib is automatically loaded at start-up time.

  option(loadLib); // show loading of libraries

                   // the names of the procedures of inout.lib
  LIB "inout.lib"; // are now known to Singular
==> // ** loaded inout.lib (,Dec_2017)
See Command line options; Procedures and libraries; SINGULAR libraries; load; package; proc; standard_lib; string; system.