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5.1.169 weightKB

Procedure from library standard.lib (see standard_lib).

weightKB ( module_expression, int_expression , list_expression )
weightKB ( ideal_expression, int_expression, list_expression )

the same as the input type of the first argument

If I,d,wim denotes the three arguments then weightKB computes the weighted degree- d part of a vector space basis (consisting of monomials) of the quotient ring, resp. of the quotient module, modulo I w.r.t. weights given by wim The information about the weights is given as a list of two intvec: wim[1] weights for all variables (positive), wim[2] weights for the module generators.

This is a generalization of the command kbase with the same first two arguments.

  ring R=0, (x,y), wp(1,2);
==> _[1]=x3
==> _[2]=xy
See also: kbase.