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3.7 Procedures

Procedures contain sequences of commands in the SINGULAR language. They are used to extend the set of commands by user defined commands. In a SINGULAR session, procedures are defined by either typing them on the command line or by loading them from a library file with the LIB or load command (see Libraries). A procedure is invoked like normal built-in commands, i.e., by typing its name followed by the list of arguments in parentheses. The invocation then executes the sequence of commands constituting the procedure. All procedures defined in a SINGULAR session can be displayed by entering listvar(proc); .

3.7.1 Procedure definition  
3.7.2 Parameter list  
3.7.3 Help string  
3.7.4 Names in procedures  
3.7.5 Procedure-specific commands  

See also See Procedures in a library.