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7.5.3 central_lib

Computation of central elements of GR-algebras

Oleksandr Motsak, U@D, where U={motsak}, D={mathematik.uni-kl.de}

A library for computing elements of the center and centralizers of sets of elements in GR-algebras.

Procedures: centralizeSet  v.s. basis of the centralizer of F within V centralizerVS  v.s. basis of the centralizer of F centralizerRed  reduced basis of the centralizer of F centerVS  v.s. basis of the center centerRed  reduced basis of the center center  reduced basis of the center centralizer  reduced bais of the centralizer of F sa_reduce  's.a. reduction' of pairwise commuting elements sa_poly_reduce  's.a. reduction' of p by pairwise commuting elements inCenter  checks the centrality of list/ideal/poly T inCentralizer  checks whether list/ideal/poly T commute with S isCartan  checks whether polynomial p is a Cartan element applyAdF  images of elements under the k-linear map Ad_f linearMapKernel  kernel of a linear map given by images linearCombinations  k-linear combinations of elements variablesStandard  set of algebra generators in their natural order variablesSorted  heuristically sorted set of algebra generators PBW_eqDeg  PBW monomials of given degree PBW_maxDeg  PBW monomials up to given degree PBW_maxMonom  PBW monomials up to given maximal monomial