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3.8.4 Info string

info = string_constant;
Constitutes the help text of a library. Will be displayed in a SINGULAR session upon entering help libname.lib; . Will be part of the SINGULAR documentation if the library is distributed with SINGULAR. See Libraries in the SINGULAR Documentation.
LIBRARY: <library_name> <one line description of the purpose>
AUTHOR:  <name, and email address of author>
OVERVIEW: <concise, additional information on what is implemented>
REFERENCES: <references for further information>
KEYWORDS: <semicolon-separated phrases of index keys>
SEE ALSO: <comma-separated words of cross references>
  <proc_name_1>();     <one line description of the purpose>
  <proc_name_N>();     <one line description of the purpose>

  • In the documentation, the one line description of the purpose following LIBRARY: will be printed in its own line, starting with the prefix PURPOSE: .
  • REFERENCES, KEYWORDS, and SEE ALSO are optional.
  • Only non-static procedures should be listed in the PROCEDURES: section. A procedure parameter should be included between the brackets () only if the corresponding one line description of the purpose refers to it. See Procedures in a library.
  • In the documentation, separate nodes (subsections in printed documents) are created precisely for those procedures of the library appearing n the PROCEDURES: section (that is, for some if not all non-static procedures of the library).

LIBRARY: absfact.lib   Absolute factorization for characteristic 0
AUTHORS: Wolfram Decker,       decker at math.uni-sb.de
         Gregoire Lecerf,      lecerf at math.uvsq.fr
         Gerhard Pfister,      pfister at mathematik.uni-kl.de

A library for computing the absolute factorization of multivariate
polynomials f with coefficients in a field K of characteristic zero.
Using Trager's idea, the implemented algorithm computes an absolutely
irreducible factor by factorizing over some finite extension field L
(which is chosen such that V(f) has a smooth point with coordinates in L).
Then a minimal extension field is determined making use of the
Rothstein-Trager partial fraction decomposition algorithm.

G. Cheze, G. Lecerf: Lifting and recombination techniques for absolute
                  factorization. Journal of Complexity, 23(3):380-420, 2007.

KEYWORDS: factorization; absolute factorization.
SEE ALSO: factorize

  absFactorize();        absolute factorization of poly

To see how this infostring appears in the documentation after typesetting, check absfact_lib: