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7.7.3 References and history of LETTERPLACE

LETTERPLACE has undergone several stages of development.

The first one, the pure Letterplace implementation for homogeneous ideals, was created by V. Levandovskyy and H. Schoenemann in 2007-2009.

Later in 2010-2014, experiments with advanced (among other, with shift-invariant) data structures were performed by V. Levandovskyy, B. Schnitzler and G. Studzinski, and new libraries for $K$-dimension, $K$-bases, and Ufnarovskij graph were written.

The next stage started in 2017, when K. Abou Zeid joined the team of H. Schoenemann and V. Levandovskyy. Those recent activities led to the change of interface to the one, usual in the free algebra. The Letterplace data structure is still at heart of the implementation, though not explicitly visible by default.


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